Monday, December 21, 2015

More Stuff I Made

My coworker and friend Nicole changed jobs and left our department. As a going away gift, I made her a pillow:

Scrappy Grey Pillow

I pieced my grey scraps with a few pops of fuchsia on the front and back:

Scrappy Pillow Back

Quilting is just some wavy lines (in pink thread) done with the walking foot.

scrappy pillow cover back

This? This, I'm happy with. And so is Nicole, which is really what matters.

scrappy pillow

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild repeated a really successful swap where we bring a ziploc baggie full of our own favourite scraps and someone else takes the bag and makes you something. I got a bag full of beautiful solid scraps from Arita, and made her this mini quilt I called Flying South.
Flying South

I wasn't sure at first how to deal with the scraps but once I got the idea to separate them in to warm and cool colours, inspiration struck. A rule of the swap was that the item you made had to include flying geese, so I used grey flying geese to transition between the two sections.

Flying South quilting

It's about 18" x 18", and is intentionally wonky in shape and size. Arita appreciates wonky. I had so much fun working with all solids.

For the quilting, I did something different in each secion. A squared off maze design (done free motion) in the "cool" colours, with a cool-toned blue thread:
Flying South quilting closeup

And a flowery motif in the warm section, with orange thread:
Flying South detail

And finally, some straight line quilting with grey thread in the grey section.

Flying South

I was so happy with how this turned out and I'm really pleased to report that Arita is too.

Recently at work, I needed a testimonial for one of our suppliers and asked the part of my team that used their product to email me a quick blurb. I sweetened the pot because these are busy folks and I wanted to give them an incentive to respond - I said that all submissions would be entered in a draw for something handmade from me. Despite this amazing offer, there was only one response. The "winner" selected a mug rug and when I asked what colours, he said, "How about Canucks colours?" This pattern by Sonja Artisania sprang to mind immediately.

Canucks mug rug. Pattern by  Sonja Callaghan

The winner loves it. Yay!

And finally, November's Bee Sewcial blocks for Leanne she can quilt. After two straight months of minimalism, Leanne decided to ask for maximalism - ALL the colours! I love LOVE the theme, and my blocks.
Both #beesewcial blocks for Leanne @shecanquilt. #beesewcial #inspiredbybeeswecial All of the colours + no rulers = fun.

I so enjoyed my Bee Sewcial experience in 2015 that I've decided to stay on for round 2. 

Happy Christmas, everyone - enjoy the holidays!


  1. You make lovely stuff, my blocks especially. I also love that mini, you have a great guild.

  2. Thank you so much for my mini, I love it. It brightens up my cubicle at work.


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