Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Some Stuff I Made Lately (Part 1)

How's that for a catch-all title? These past few months have been very life- and work-busy, and so my sewing time and inspiration have taken a bit of a hit.

I did manage to squeeze in a few projects, however:

Two quilts for the VMQG Modern Mini Showcase in the Vancouver Quilters' Guild show. I featured Modern Scraps in the Blogger's Quilt Festival but here are some slightly better photos with the little bit of hand stitching I added after the fact:

Modern Scraps full

Modern Scraps hand quilting

I made a second quilt for the showcase and I called it Gems. It's long 'n skinny. I played a bit with the allowable dimensions for the show which simply stated the quilt's perimeter had to be less than 80".


Gems details

I was successful in signing up for the Michael Miller Glitz challenge and the set of fabrics I received was heavy with the more geometric prints vs. the fun, easy-to-use dots. This quilt is my THIRD attempt to make something, anything, to fulfill my commitment to complete the challenge. It was definitely challenging. I named it 3X.

The squares finish at 3/4". I told you it was a challenge!

The design is supposed to mimic the geometric motif contained in the fabric. I thought that chopping it up would be an interesting strategy. It's okay. It's not my favourite.

3X detail
I do own a lint roller. Not that you can tell from this photo.
 I can't imagine why this quilt wasn't accepted to quiltcon (sarcasm)


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