Monday, February 8, 2016

Modern Stripes

I was the lucky winner of this gorgeous bundle of Cloud 9 Organice Solids at a VMQG meeting last year:

Modern Stripes in progress

I had this FQ bundle for a long time before the right design came to mind. As much as possible, I kept the different values of the various colours together and pieced them into strip sets of varying sizes:

Modern Stripes in progress

Friends, I love this quilt. LOVE. IT. The fabrics are so lovely. So soft with a really nice hand. Highly recommended.

Modern Stripes

It's about 60x72 so I quilted it on the longarm with a clamshell design that goes side to side. I switched it up with a slightly different clamshell when I remembered.

Modern Stripes quilting

The back is two different Kona Greys (Charcoal and Medium Grey) plus a bit of a leftover strip set that I cross-cut and pieced in a little checkerboard just because. This shows the nice magenta binding to its best advantage. 

Modern Stripes back

It's a Finish Along finish too. This one's staying with me!

2016 FAL

Lone Star

I've long admired Lone Star quilts, but it wasn't until I saw the beautiful one that Lynne (Lily's Quilts) designed for Make It, Take It that I felt I was up to the challenge.

Lone Star

The pattern uses strip piecing to make this pattern really accessible. I scaled it down slightly, choosing to cut my initial strips at 2½". The finished quilt is about 35" square - a great wallhanging or baby quilt size.

I don't know what inspired the colour story here - I started with that Anna Maria Horner echinacea print and added complementary colours. The background is Essex Linen in Black, one of my all-time favourites.

Lone Star quilting

Simple wavy lines for the quilting were done in an organic design for a quick finish. This was a 2015 Finish Along project that I didn't properly blog because the photo I took in my sewing room really wasn't up to snuff. Not that this one is much better. We moved and I lost my lovely arbour hanging spot that I could use without help. Now I need quilt holders and that is a whole new challenge, never mind finding a suitable backdrop. Consider it a work in progress, I suppose. *grin*

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bee Sewcial, Year 2

I loved loved loved being part of Bee Sewcial last year, so I stayed on for the second round!

Before I show you what I made for Stephanie Spontaneous Threads this month, here is a mosaic of all of my Bee Sewcial blocks from 2015:

Bee Sewcial 2015
Click through to my Flickr photostream for individual links

2016 kicked off with some of my favourite colours: grey and yellow. Or, more specifically, Kona Medium Grey and Kona Curry. Yum!

Bee Sewcial block 1 for Stephanie Block 2 for @spontaneousthreads, #beesewcial #inspiredbybeesewcial. It's a fair bit like the first one but I was enjoying the lines so much, I just kept going.

The theme was linear and intersections. I didn't intend for both blocks to be so straight and narrow but that's how they evolved. I kind of love them.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Finish Alongs: Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Q4 2015 was a busy and stressful one: we sold our townhouse, looked furiously yet unsuccessfully for a new place to buy before the sale closed, searched for and moved to an apartment, had G's 8th birthday and Christmas, plus I moved offices too. There's more but you get the idea.

Anyhoo, the two projects I put on my 2015Q4 Finish-A-Long list were:

1. Bee Sewcial quilt (Minimalist Abstract Winter Landscapes). Not done, although I think I've pretty much settled on a layout.

2. Lone Star Circle. YES! Just under the wire! I linked it up to the FAL via Instagram, and I'll do a fuller blog post eventually but here it is:

Lone Star Circle
Despite what you see, it actually is square.

And now for my 2016Q1 Goal list! I'm concentrating on true WIPs/UFOs to give me some motivation to work on them.

1. Bee Sewcial Minimalist Abstract Winter. As I said, I think I've landed on the layout I like, and now I need to start Tetris-ing it together.

#beesewcial October sample
my sample block

2. Modern Stripes. Made the quilt top start to finish at my Loon Lake retreat, quilted it on the longarm. It just needs binding.

Modern Stripes just needs the binding sewn on.

3. Resurrecting my Gee's Bend mini to put on the list. I started it at QuiltCon 2015 in a workshop with the Gee's Bend Quilters. I'm hand-quilting it, which is nice to do whilst binge-watching various TV shows on Netflix (I'm currently consuming Person of Interest).

Gee's Bend Mini

4. And the little trip down QuiltCon 2015 Memory Lane reminds me that I also have my Mod Corsage mini to work on so let's put that on the list too!

Mod Corsage in progress

The Finish-A-Long is so great! Even if you just join for the inspiration and eye candy - come join us! We went global this year! Check out Leanne's blog page to see the many hosts of the 2016 FAL.

2016 FAL

Monday, December 21, 2015

More Stuff I Made

My coworker and friend Nicole changed jobs and left our department. As a going away gift, I made her a pillow:

Scrappy Grey Pillow

I pieced my grey scraps with a few pops of fuchsia on the front and back:

Scrappy Pillow Back

Quilting is just some wavy lines (in pink thread) done with the walking foot.

scrappy pillow cover back

This? This, I'm happy with. And so is Nicole, which is really what matters.

scrappy pillow

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild repeated a really successful swap where we bring a ziploc baggie full of our own favourite scraps and someone else takes the bag and makes you something. I got a bag full of beautiful solid scraps from Arita, and made her this mini quilt I called Flying South.
Flying South

I wasn't sure at first how to deal with the scraps but once I got the idea to separate them in to warm and cool colours, inspiration struck. A rule of the swap was that the item you made had to include flying geese, so I used grey flying geese to transition between the two sections.

Flying South quilting

It's about 18" x 18", and is intentionally wonky in shape and size. Arita appreciates wonky. I had so much fun working with all solids.

For the quilting, I did something different in each secion. A squared off maze design (done free motion) in the "cool" colours, with a cool-toned blue thread:
Flying South quilting closeup

And a flowery motif in the warm section, with orange thread:
Flying South detail

And finally, some straight line quilting with grey thread in the grey section.

Flying South

I was so happy with how this turned out and I'm really pleased to report that Arita is too.

Recently at work, I needed a testimonial for one of our suppliers and asked the part of my team that used their product to email me a quick blurb. I sweetened the pot because these are busy folks and I wanted to give them an incentive to respond - I said that all submissions would be entered in a draw for something handmade from me. Despite this amazing offer, there was only one response. The "winner" selected a mug rug and when I asked what colours, he said, "How about Canucks colours?" This pattern by Sonja Artisania sprang to mind immediately.

Canucks mug rug. Pattern by  Sonja Callaghan

The winner loves it. Yay!

And finally, November's Bee Sewcial blocks for Leanne she can quilt. After two straight months of minimalism, Leanne decided to ask for maximalism - ALL the colours! I love LOVE the theme, and my blocks.
Both #beesewcial blocks for Leanne @shecanquilt. #beesewcial #inspiredbybeeswecial All of the colours + no rulers = fun.

I so enjoyed my Bee Sewcial experience in 2015 that I've decided to stay on for round 2. 

Happy Christmas, everyone - enjoy the holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Some Stuff I Made Lately (Part 1)

How's that for a catch-all title? These past few months have been very life- and work-busy, and so my sewing time and inspiration have taken a bit of a hit.

I did manage to squeeze in a few projects, however:

Two quilts for the VMQG Modern Mini Showcase in the Vancouver Quilters' Guild show. I featured Modern Scraps in the Blogger's Quilt Festival but here are some slightly better photos with the little bit of hand stitching I added after the fact:

Modern Scraps full

Modern Scraps hand quilting

I made a second quilt for the showcase and I called it Gems. It's long 'n skinny. I played a bit with the allowable dimensions for the show which simply stated the quilt's perimeter had to be less than 80".


Gems details

I was successful in signing up for the Michael Miller Glitz challenge and the set of fabrics I received was heavy with the more geometric prints vs. the fun, easy-to-use dots. This quilt is my THIRD attempt to make something, anything, to fulfill my commitment to complete the challenge. It was definitely challenging. I named it 3X.

The squares finish at 3/4". I told you it was a challenge!

The design is supposed to mimic the geometric motif contained in the fabric. I thought that chopping it up would be an interesting strategy. It's okay. It's not my favourite.

3X detail
I do own a lint roller. Not that you can tell from this photo.
 I can't imagine why this quilt wasn't accepted to quiltcon (sarcasm)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bloggers' Quilt Festival: Modern Scraps

Welcome to my second entry in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival hosted by Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side.

Modern Scraps is a cute and quick project I made using some strips I'd cut for a different project, but didn't end up using. I really, really love how the combination of brights with dark grey makes the colours pop.

Modern Scraps, entered in the #bloggersquiltfestival. Link in profile.
Measuring just 16" x 22", this wee quilt was one of two I entered in the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild's Modern Mini Showcase. VMQG was the "featured artist" at a local traditional guild's (Vancouver Quilters' Guild) quilt show this past weekend.

I pieced strips of solids randomly then cross cut and rearranged to complete the centre panel. The two strips top and bottom were added because they were left over and needed a home. Quilting is simple wavy lines, echoing at random widths. 

Quilting closeup. #bloggersquiltfestival

BQF Category: Mini quilts
Quilt Dimensions: 16" x 22"
Designed by: Me
Quilted by: Me, with 50 weight Aurifil thread in dark grey

Thanks for stopping by!

Bloggers' Quilt Festival: Selfie

Welcome! The first of two quilts I am entering in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival hosted by Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side is Selfie.

Selfie full 

I designed this quilt with the help of You Patch, a website that not only converts your photo to a pixel quilt, but gives you the Kona Cotton solid colours to match it as well!

Measuring about 35" square, this quilt began as a photograph I took of myself and subsequently put through a black and white filter on Instagram.

Selfie quilting detail

It came together quite quickly , and even though those small squares finish at 3/4", I was delighted that my seams all matched up and the quilt was pretty square and flat once I completed it!

Selfie quilting closeup 

There is more on this quilt (including more close-up photos of the quilting) in my original blog post here.


BQF Category: Small Quilts
Quilt Dimensions: 35" x 35"
Designed by: Me, with help from You Patch
Quilted by: Me, using Aurifil 50 weight thread in black, grey and white

Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Q4 FAL List: Moving Edition

I actually debated whether or not I should just forget Q4 altogether. We were very fortunate and sold our townhouse very quickly. While the possession date isn't until end of November, there aren't any homes available in our target area (more to the point: at our target price) right now, so it's looking more and more like a temporary rental is in our future.

BUT! I am choosing to think positive! Who knows? Maybe there's someone spending this (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend cleaning, culling and staging their (2 bedroom + quilty area) home (on a family friendly street with a large yard for a vegetable garden) to ready it for listing this week at a price that's less than our budget!

So assuming that's what's going to happen, this is what I want to finish this quarter:

1. My Bee Sewcial quilt. I'm queen bee for October, and this group is pretty strict about getting the blocks out within two weeks of month end. Check out my blog post that describes the theme I chose. This is the first block to appear in the Flickr group (and on instagram - check out the #beesewcial hashtag) by Debbie A Quilter's Table. I love it.

Bee Sewcial block for Felicity
photo credit: Debbie Jeske

2. Lone Star. Remember this?

Lone Star

It's all pieced, now. I just need to quilt it! Even if we do have to move temporarily, this can be quilted on the longarm I rent time on, so it will get done.

And that's it for projects that are actually in progress. I have a couple other projects that need to get done by November 30th so I can enter them into the QuiltCon show, but I haven't started them yet so they don't really count.

Come and join the FAL fun! There are prizes!!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Q3 Finish Along Check-in

Q3 was a bust. There's really no other way to say it. 1/3. 33.3%. No bueno, as a friend of mine likes to say.

Let's review, based on my Q3 Goal list:

1. Jeweled Squares got finished and renamed Strip and Squares Everywhere:

Strips and Squares Everywhere

I am still so happy with this finish! I may write up a pattern for this one as well. We'll see.

2. Lone Star and Churn Dash are still not finished. I did make progress, though. The Lone Star top is all done, and awaits quilting. Churn Dashes are being made but I'm still a ways away from the total number I need. I consider it a long term project.

This was a busy quarter for me. A hot and busy summer, and the distraction of having to get our place ready to list and sell (it's now sold, thank goodness). I also made two mini quilts for VMQG's show within the Vancouver Quilters' Guild show later this month, and I'll share those once I get a decent photo. 

Linking up with Adrienne on the Windy Side, the 2015 Finish Along host.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side