Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Roundup (with Bonus Q4 Finish Along Report)

Well now, that was quite a year! I was a busy little quiltmaker during 2014 as I worked on achieving my goal of making a quilt for each of the six nieces and nephews on my side of the family.

I'm proud to say I achieved that goal! These are the quilts I made, and only one was a 2013 project:

Niece/Nephew Quilts
(click on the photo to get the links to each quilt)

I made some other quilts, too - they're featured in this mosaic along with the ones above:

2014 Collage of Quilts
(Triangle Garden is missing from the mosaic.Oops.)

There were times when I was a bit stressed by the deadlines, mainly because the kids' birthdays are mostly grouped in the April/May/June months, but I do have to say that having a deadline made me significantly more productive. Plus, I converted a few languishing WIPs into finished quilts that I really love so that's a big win in my book.

You'll recall that I once again participated in the 2014 Finish Along party.

Finish Along 2014

All righty - let's recap my Q4 FAL goal list and see how I did:

1. The Elsa Costume. YES! Mentioned in this post.

2. Co-worker mug rug. YES! This post will count as the link for that project.

3. Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture Challenge quilt. YES! Pastel Curves is going to live with my Mother-in-Law in her care home.

Pastel Curves

4. Wonderland and 5. Mod Mood. NOPE. Carried over to Q1, perhaps?

In addition to the foregoing, I made 9 (!) reusable shopping totes for Christmas gifts for teachers (no photos due to sewing to a deadline), a tote for work, a sewing kit for the Teeny Weeny Swap, and a bunch of clothes (for my kid and her doll). I'm pleased with my output!

2015 promises to be full of fun (QuiltCon!) and projects, but I'm not sure exactly which ones. Stay tuned!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. I've just bought the 60 degree triangle ruler....I can't make the points match like that green loveliness that you have shown. Any suggestions of a good tutorial? I've looked and can't find one.
    Bravo on a year of lovely quilts!!!!

  2. Great looking quilts but I am really here to comment because I saw over on Poppyprint that you did a Polar Dip! Awesome !!! Such a cool guild idea although I doubt we'd get any takers here. Happy New Year!

  3. Way ahead of me girl. Your nieces and nephews are lucky ; )

  4. You had a great year and good work on the finishes!

  5. Great finishes! They look so fun and I agree with you on the deadlines motivating. It seems to help when it's not stressing me out, hehe. Also, I'm excited about Quiltcon too!!

  6. Woo hoo! Congrats on a great year, Felicity!


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