Friday, January 2, 2015

Teeny Weeny Swap

Late last year, the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild was invited by the Great Western Sydney MQG to participate in an inter-guild swap that ultimately expanded to also include the Brisbane MQG. The brainchild of Berene Happy Sew Lucky and Lorena lorena_in_syd, the unique feature of the Teeny Weeny Swap was that it needed to feature "teeny weeny" piecing - no piece larger than 2"! There were practical reasons for this, too, considering the cost of shipping goodies back and forth between our two countries.

My partner Kathy, not a fan of pink, said she liked grey with bright colours especially yellow. Hello, one of my favourite colour combos!
quilting closeup

I made her this needle/sewing case using this tutorial.

Sewing kit folded up
it's fastened on the back because I wanted to use a button and loop rather than a strap

Here's what it looks like opened up:
Sewing Kit inside

There's a strap to hold two narrow spools of thread, some black felt for needles, a scissor spot plus a couple of pockets.

Kathy loved it (it even matched the outfit she had on at the meeting when she received it)! Whew! And this is what she made me in return (yes, those sneaky swap mamas had each pair making for each other, without our knowing it!):

Isn't it awesome? And the best part is that it's lined with some gorgeous pink fabric, which I know was a stretch for Kathy. So thoughtful! There are bits of Anna Maria Horner in the centre of those churn dashes! And we both used that Robert Kaufman yarn-dyed black in the projects we made. So funny. I feel so lucky to receive this beautiful dilly bag. Thank you, Kathy, and thanks to Berene, Amy and Lorena for coordinating a fun swap.


  1. It was so fun swapping with you!! (And somehow pink keeps creeping into my stash!) I love my needlebook so much :) xx

  2. Thanks for sharing these two lovely projects. What a great swap!

  3. These tiny weeny things are lovely, as are the random things from last post. I really like the little case with room for scissors.

  4. Very nice colour combo. Enjoy your projects

  5. How cool your guilds did a swap. I know how much the postage from Aust to Canada is, and yours to here is even more ridiculous. The two baby quilts I made for my cousins in Vancouver weighed only 800g but was going to cost $29. My Auntie is going over in early Feb so she's fitting them in her luggage! She said a parcel that size would fit easily in her suitcase.


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