Sunday, January 11, 2015

QuiltCon Preparations

QuiltCon is about 6 weeks away - incredible that it's come up so fast! I've been doing a few things to get ready!

Jules Procrasticraft organized a fun QuiltCon-related swap of lanyards. It's been so fun to check out the #quiltcon2015lanyardswap hashtag on Instagram! My camera ate the good photos I took so you'll have to settle for this (sorry!):

It's a secret, blind swap and my partner very generously said she would love a lanyard that reflects where the maker comes from. I chose blue for the ocean and green for the lush trees and greenery we have here in Vancouver, plus I couldn't resist a little red/white to signify Canada. The maple leaves were my husband's suggestion and I think they're sweet too. I've mailed the lanyard and a coordinating little pouch that can hold a room key and a few bucks. I hope my partner likes it!

Secondly, there's a Facebook group of Canadians going to QuiltCon and the lovely Julie has designed a T-shirt for us all!
Canadians going to quiltcon can buy a t-shirt with this logo thanks to Julie (

I am putting in an order forthwith - I'm so looking forward to meeting fellow quilters in Austin in a few short weeks.

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