Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pastel Curves: a Final Finish for 2014

Hello! I've been thoroughly enjoying my holidays this Christmas. I'm off work and we've been having lots of fun as a family. I hope your holidays were merry and bright.

I'd like to share my final quilty finish of 2014 - Pastel Curves.
Pastel Curves

I finished up this mini quilt in late November, in time to submit it to the QuiltCon show as part of the Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture Challenge (it wasn't accepted).

The palette of pastels was outside my normal colour range, and I ended up sticking to just three of the six colours in the bundle. The fabrics themselves are very fine - quite thin, actually. In the lighter pastel shades, there was a lot of show-through of the seam allowances. Using a white batting helped but not entirely. I probably won't choose these again, not that it's likely anyway since Cotton Couture solids don't seem to be available in Canada.

Pastel Curves_detail

I wanted a design with a fair bit of negative space so I could continue to work on my FMQ skills. I tried a few different motifs, and because I used some lovely Aurifil 50 weight thread in white, it blended in beautifully while highlighting all the quilty texture. I'm really pleased!

Pastel Curves feather

The curved pieces were created using Julie Distant Pickles' template intended for her Mod Pop and Tunnel Vision patterns. I hoped to be able to use it to cut the convex curve on the corner of a larger piece of fabric, so I could then piece on the concave piece, and it worked!

Pastel Curves feather

For the label, I applied fusible web to the back of one of my labels, then cut it with pinking shears. I jotted the quilt's information inside the letters - I kind of like the effect, actually.

Pastel Curves label

This measures about 23" square, and it'll hang in my mother-in-law's room at the care home she recently moved into.

This is a Finish Along finish (that's a link to my Q4 goal list)! Hooray! Even though I didn't finish a lot of what I intended to in 2014, I loved the camaraderie and motivation of the Finish Along - think about joining us for 2015, when it will be hosted by Adrianne On the Windy Side!

Finish Along 2014


  1. Gorgeous quilting, I'm super impressed!

  2. It's a wonderful quilt and good for you for the finish too! Your quilting just keeps getting better and better, I love it.

  3. I do like it and the quilting looks wonderful.


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