Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Petal Pinwheel Triangles: A Challenge Quilt

This was a fun little challenge. Michael Miller sponsored this most recent activity through the Modern Quilt Guild and we received 6 fat eighths of fabric from the Petal Pinwheels line to create with. My quilt is 36" square.

Petal Pinwheels and Triangles

I used my Tri Recs ruler again to make two sizes of triangles. The larger ones came together nicely but those teeny ones? Let's just say there were three rows planned.

Petal Pinwheels quilting

I do love how the finished design shook out, though. I was really inspired by Mary Molly Flanders' triangle quilt here and this is my more minimalist version of it. Requisite upview here.

Petal Pinwheel Triangles upward

Quilted with Aurifil 50 wt thread in a fabulous medium grey. I did some straight line quilting, and echoed the triangles in a few rows. I really quite like it.

Petal Pinwheel Triangles closeup

And a shot of the hilariously hideous fabric I used on the back. Seriously. What was I thinking? Actually, I'll tell you what I was thinking - it's a sweet gender neutral print for backing a baby quilt. Nailed it, amirite?!

Petal Pinwheel Triangle back

Bonus: this is a Q3 FAL finish! Yay!

Finish Along 2014


  1. Love it.. its fabulous and inspiring to get mine cut out. I have no machine this week so cleaning the studio but I could cut alot of fabric. its great to see all the quilting.

  2. So cute but I understand why the bottom row plan changed. Sometimes working with tiny bits is so hard.

  3. This is wonderful. I want to do some triangles, I will take this as advice to stick to larger ones.

  4. I love how you quilted this! Such a great quilt! (And I like it more than your inspiration quilt!)

  5. Your challenge quilt is gorgeous! Love the quilting...

    The backing made me laugh out loud. :-)


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