Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Morris 16-Patch for Quilts of Valour

When I first started quilting, I fell hard for Rose & Hubble's reproduction William Morris prints (The William Morris Collection) and collected quite a few of them. I used some here and there, but many sat in their original FQ bundles in my stash because I wanted to keep them together in a project. I never did find the perfect project for me, but when I heard Lezley Zwaal, founder of Quilts of Valour (with the extra "u" - CANADA!) on Brandy Lynn Maslowski's Canadian Quilt Talk podcast, I knew I'd found just the right project for these beautiful fabrics.

Morris 16-Patch

The St. Louis 16-patch comes together very quickly when you strip piece (I followed this tutorial but cut my strips slightly narrower to accommodate the size of my FQs). And even faster when you cut the correct number of strips for your quilt! I somehow concluded that 1 FQ of print + 1 FQ solid = 1 block. So I have enough strips to make another quilt at some point. Nice math, there, Felicity. Whoops.

Morris 16-Patch closeup

I quilted it very simply - diagonal lines (eyeballed, not marked, because: lazy) in one direction.

Morris 16-patch up view

Bound simply as well, just using leftovers from the various print fabrics, this quilt is a solid lap size - 55" by 68". I'll be sending it off soon to QOV. And that's another finish for my Q2 FAL list - I linked a photo but didn't blog it so here we go!

Morris 16-Patch full frontal


  1. Gorgeous! That pattern is absolutely perfect to show off that fabulous fabric, it truly glows!

  2. Beautiful ~ and I have a stash of these gorgeous prints, too. I knew I was in good company. <3

  3. Half my stash is made up of 1800 's prints that I wonder if ill ever use. I like your quilt so maybe.......
    Lovely list in the previous post too


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