Thursday, April 3, 2014

Finish A Long Q1 Roundup

Welp, here we are in late March and the year 2014 is one quarter over - how'd that happen, anyway? I think perhaps it went quickly because I was very busy!

Finish Along 2014

I must say - once again - that the Finish A Long has been a tremendous motivator for me to get working on projects and to make progress on others. You can join for the year's second quarter - just visit (or better yet, subscribe to) Katy The Littlest Thistle's blog for the scoop on that.

So without further ado, let's recap my Q1 list and see where I got to:

1. Kaleidoscope for Nephew. YES! So so happy with this one, since named "Star City" by G. I still love those colours and I feel like superwoman for conquering my piecing ineptitude (details in the blog post). This blog post, will be the one I link up for this particular finish.
Kaleidoscope closeup

2. Throw Pillow. YUP! This project was the test case and first of a trio of triangle projects. I believe it sold for $70 at the fundraiser.
Pillow Cover Back

3. MQG Riley Blake Challenge for Other Nephew. Triangle project #2 is a big yes. I found it impossible to properly photograph this quilt. My photography "skills" were just not up to managing the dark background + bright fabrics situation and that gives me the sads. But I still love the quilt, named Up, Up and Away!
RB Challenge detail

4. Black & White & Bright Hexies. Nope. I started to work on this one, intending to give it to my niece but something told me it just wasn't "her." So I (temporarily) abandoned this project in favour of a brand new project: Triangle Project Number Three. Worth it. Hexies will be a carry-forward to Q2.

5. Slabby Scrappy Fabric Boxes. YES! I am so happy to have a good system for finding my scraps!
Scrappy Pink Box

4 out of 5 is a great score and I'll take it. Especially considering I finished a whole quilt that wasn't even a twinkle in my eye when this list was originally conceived (see what I did there?), and I've also made some good progress on a new project that I'll tell you about in my Q2 FAL list. Stay tuned!


  1. I'd say that's a very good score!!

  2. You did so well. I totally want some fabric boxes, I need to just get started and I expect that they would finish themselves before I knew it.

  3. Impressive list of finishes, Felicity! I think I may jump back on the bandwagon for Q2 and tackle some UFOs for the VMQG challenge. With the retreat in the middle of the quarter, I've got a good chance of a few finishes, right?


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