Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Crafty Goals

Plans for 2014 indicate that it is going to look a lot like 2013 did, with sewing of all kinds happening chez Felicity Quilts.

I've made a goal that all 5 of the nieces and nephews on "my side" of the family (i.e. my siblings' children) will receive quilts in 2014. While one quilt is already done, the only way to accomplish this with any modicum of sanity and without quitting my day job is to transform current WIPs into finishes wherever possible/appropriate. Two birds, one stone, etc. etc. (I'm all about the multitasking.) I've loosely divided the projects into quarters based on when the recipients' birthdays happen so that the quilts can be birthday gifts. I know that stuff can change over the year, so the Q1 list has the most detail, and the rest of the year's projects are really just to put my goals "out there".

So here we go:

Q1 Projects:

1. Kaleidoscope (Nephew). I began this one in 2012 as part of Elizabeth Don't Call Me Betsy's quilt along. Status: partially pieced. This is my inital photo of the fabric pull and the inspiration (our towels!):
Kaleidoscope Fabrics Take 2 (With Inspiration)

This is some of the bits I've pieced:

2. Throw Pillow. The fundraiser for which I made my Strippy Rainbow quilt is happening again. This year, my contribution is a throw pillow. Status: the front is pieced and quilted:

3. MQG Riley Blake challenge (Nephew). I tried out the triangles on the throw pillow and liked what I saw, so I'm running with that design concept for this quilt. Status: triangles cut out.

4. B&W and Bright Hexies (Niece). This is the final set of VMQG blocks I won in the lotto (win #3 for those of you keeping track at home), so I want to get this one done up. Status: hexies pieced in sets of 3.

#vmqg May challenge blocks done! #presidentofthelastminuteclub

5. Slabby Fabric Boxes for scraps. Using instructions from Sunday Morning Quilts. Status: slabs for 6 of 10 boxes done (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple done; grey, black/white, pink and brown to do).

Rest of 2014:

6. Kaleidoscope strips (Nephew). The towel that inspired the Kaleidoscope colourway is a great design, so I cut out strips to replicate it in quilt form (Q2).
7. Scrappy Churn Dash. Sigh.
8. A project using the 5 (!) packages with 4 FQs each (!!) of vintage Liberty fabric (!!!!!!) my neighbour gave me. He's a lingerie designer and apparently these little packages had been hanging around his office for years. He knew I liked fabric so he passed them on to lucky, lucky me! I've got a plan for these beauties.
9. A quilt for Quilts of Valour. These beautiful William Morris prints will combine beautifully with some grey and taupe solid fabrics in a St. Louis 16-patch.

10. Provence WIP. This is an oldie, but I think it will be perfect for my youngest niece (Q2/3). I'll piece these rows (from a row robin) with the extra fabric (Marseille by Deb Strain for Moda).

11. Circle of Geese. These sweet scrappy blocks from my first online bee are of varying quality, so I'll salvage the ones I can and repurpose them into a quilt for charity.

12. Wonderland. This is still sitting basted in my sewing space. Need to just quilt it already.
Wonderland Quilt Top for Siblings Together

13. Some garments for me and the kid. I've got a bunch of patterns and a bunch of fabric. We'll see what happens!

That should keep me busy this year, wouldn't you say? I'm continuing on with the Finish A Long now hosted by the Katy Littlest Thistle. It's a lot of fun - have a look!

Finish Along 2014


  1. Good luck with your goals. Your family will love their quilts.

  2. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone. We have four weddings on the calendar this year so I'm sort of doing the same thing. Making quilts I like and then giving them as gifts. Win Win. Good luck!

  3. Wow i'm impressed. Lucky family. I like your colour choices for these projects. And the fabrics and patterns look wonderful. Nice meeting you yesterday:-)

  4. Great goals, Felicity! I love how you used a towel for colour inspiration. Very clever.

  5. I like the 2 birds, 1 stone idea, I quite often do that with pressies :oD

  6. Quite a list! I like the idea of slabs with scraps ( for the scraps!) but what pattern are you going to use to make the baskets?

  7. Designating your UFO's as gifts will be motivational, I'm sure! You can do it!!


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