Saturday, March 30, 2013

Q1 Finish-A-Long Report

I readily admit that I gave myself an easy target for this first quarter. But I'm proud of that fact, actually - I'm getting a lot better at predicting what I will have time for, and just saying "no" when I need to. It's a skill many of us perfectionists need to work on!

she can quilt

Let's recap, shall we? I presented my Q1 2013 Finishing Goals as follows:

1. Niece's baby quilt. YES, my great-nephew's quilt was completed ahead of schedule, even!

J is for...
As an aside, can I just say that I feel a wee bit young to be a "great" anything? Oh, well. Moving right along...

2. Appliance cover #2 for my friend C. YES!
Appliance Cover

3. Donation quilt. It wasn't the Wonderland quilt (that is still awaiting my quilting inspiration), but it was the Strippy Rainbow Quilt (with bonus tutorial - woot!). This quilt was made for a co-worker's ringette team fundraiser, and it was bought by another co-worker for his daughter! I love it when things all come together like that!

A Strippy Rainbow

And that's it - my goals were indeed modest but I did start and finish a couple of non-UFO projects this quarter: my Madrona Road challenge quilt, which I'm very proud of, and a 241 tote.

Okay, so for this quarter, I will be finishing:

1. Placemats for my Dad. I've begun them, and I'm trying a new-to-me technique that I made up and it *seems* to be working more or less, but oh my goodness. The fabrics I'm using are scraps from another long-ago project that really aren't "me" anymore and it's amazing how that can sap your sew-jo. But I'm persevering - if he can beat prostate cancer, I can certainly cope with some Thimbleberries that will match his muted and manly d├ęcor.

Oh boy.

2. My Easy Going Modern pattern. I've put this on the back burner for far too long - time to get cracking and just finish it, already! I'm teaching it as a workshop for the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild next month, so the time to refine the pattern has come.

Felicity with her Easy Going Modern quilt
Me and one version of Easy Going Modern

3. New Wave quilt for niece. I'll be seeing her at my brother's wedding in July, so it would make sense to aim to get this one completed, finally. Here's the same dumb photo of it that I've been sharing since, like, 2011 (literally).

new wave2

I've got a couple of other projects for Q2 that aren't UFOs, so they don't count. Unfortunately. But they, along with my three goals here, should keep me out of trouble for the next 3 months.

Need some motivation to get cracking on your UFOs? Join the Finish-A-Long - there are prizes!!

NB: post edited to add photo of me and Easy Going Modern - it's courtesy of Carol Browne from the FVMQG.


  1. Nice finishes and good luck with the new list. Be like the little engine and keep telling yourself "I think I can, I think I can."

  2. Good going and looks like a fun list for next quarter!

  3. yay on your successful completion of your Q1 goals! Good luck with Q2 - I know exactly how "sapping" working with "non-me" fabric is!

  4. Yay for finishes!
    And I love what you said about coping w Thimbleberries. ;)

  5. Great finishes! I have a hard time limiting my list I may have to be a little more realistic! Good luck second quarter!

  6. Congratulations on being so productive! My aunty became a great aunty at 35, when my daughter was born. She said she always knew she was great!

  7. Well done on your finishes, I particularly love the appliance cover. Better to set achievable goals and feel good about them than set an unrealistic target that you beat yourself up over!

  8. holy man, you done good! your friend C is going to fall over when she sees that appliance cover. it's a beauty!

  9. Congrats on your finishes! I do love a good I Spy quilt!!

  10. You did great with your Q1 goals and this new list is great too.


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