Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RIP: Google Reader

Do you use a reader to read all the blogs you follow? It's a very efficient way to see all new posts from your favourite blogs - I highly recommend it.

I currently use - and like - Google Reader, but it's going away in July, and taking the iGoogle homepage with it in November, unfortunately. The good news is that there are other options out there. I'm trying Bloglovin' right now and it seems like it will do the trick - it was super easy to import all of my Google Reader subscriptions, which I consider a big tick in the plus column! Speaking of Bloglovin', if you want to follow me, click this button. It's also in my sidebar.

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Have a lovely day - it was raining hard this morning but the sun's out now. I'm off to do some sewing so it's all good 'round these parts!


  1. I realize I need to check this out. Is it lame that I read all my blogs off my blogroll or the Blogger dashboard?

    1. Cindy! I was wondering the same thing! I have no idea what google reader is and was thinking that I was going to lose Blogger or something. That's how I read all mine!

  2. I read all mine on my dashboard too. How do we get that option onto our blogs?

  3. I'm using Feedly and so far I think it is really nice. I am going to give bloglovin' a try next week, but it will have to be pretty nice. I expect there will be some new readers out soon too.

  4. I am so bummed about Google Reader...and when I tried to transfer them all to Bloglovin the other day, they would not all transfer. CUrses!
    But, good to know that you will be there!

  5. I haven't dealt with this little issue yet and actually I'm kind of scared of the day when I have to. Thanks for making it seem do-able though Felicity.

  6. I can't believe that Goggle is going away ~ don't understand why and I've looked.
    I'll definitely be finding you on Bloglovin'.


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