Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Welp, my two quilts are packed up and on their way to Austin for the QuiltCon Quilt Show. Fingers crossed that they arrive in time!

With all the labeling and hanging sleeve-attaching going on, I haven't done much other stitching since the baby quilt finish of last week.

I did finally finish the appliance covers for my friend, and they're on their way to Texas as well, coincidentally. Here is the second cover, awaiting the final bit of binding to be hand sewn down:
Appliance cover WIP

There will be a full post on these in the next few days with better, non-Instagram, photos!

Oh, and I almost forgot! The PE teacher/principal at my daughter's school is expecting a baby next month, so I whipped up a quick blanket using an upcycled IKEA kids' duvet cover and some Minky I had lying around.

That line through the centre is a shadow, not a blemish on the quilt or rug.

Isn't the fabric adorable?
fabric closeup

I'm currently working on a quick baby/kid quilt for donation to a friend's fundraiser in support of her Ringette team. I'm thinking a simple strip quilt not dissimilar to this one I made a couple years ago, also for a fundraiser:
Playmat at Playground

I'm also about to tackle some more garment sewing - G is blowing through the knees of her leggings at a rapid rate and a few pairs have been removed from the rotation because they're no longer repairable. Mama and her serger to the rescue!!

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  1. Lots of projects going on! I love the patchwork cover and your baby quilts are beautiful! Funny fabric with elephants! x Teje

  2. Beautiful projects, Felicity!
    I love your appliance cover!

  3. Love your Play. quilt. What a generous donation for the fundraiser!

  4. Everything looks great! Bet you are getting excited about your trip :)

  5. Great projects! Love the colors in the appliance cover!!

    I was thinking about Quiltcon, only an hour-ish away...but not sure if I can pull it off.

  6. Glad you have got those quilts off and the projects here are lovely. I really like that Play quilt.

  7. Love Love Love that PLAY quilt!!!

  8. That elephant fabric is so cute!

  9. It is amazing what we can do with store bought items, making them our own. So cute. Quiltcon sounds interesting...never heard of it, so will google it. I love the appliance covers. Thanks for putting that on my never-ending list of projects! :)

  10. Yay, looking forward to seeing your quilts at Quilt Con - will you be there too? Would love to meet you in person, Felicity! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  11. Clever you using an ikea duvet cover!

  12. The apppliance cover turned out great and I love the fabric you used for the binding!

  13. Beautiful appliance cover! You always have so interesting projects.

  14. That backing is adorable! Nice quilt.

  15. Lots on the go! I didn't know you had a night owl - that can be so tiring. I hope next week continues on last week's success. Great idea on the baby blankie and the strip quilt was looking great on IG!


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