Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Felicities

Happy Solstice! We'll get little bit more daylight each day from now til June - hurrah!

G is now on her Christmas break, and the school sent the kids off on holidays in grand old style with a Christmas concert, potluck party and a visit from Santa!

I didn't make all of the teacher gifts, but three of five received a handmade touch. We got gift cards for the liquor store (no booze at the grocery store for us Canadians!) for her two main teachers, and I used Katie There and Back's delightfully simple tutorial to make gift card holders:

gift card holders

I didn't have any snaps, so I used some adhesive velcro circles I had on hand.

For the lunch supervisor, I made a Michelle Patterns Grocery Bag using some great canvas I acquired at Home Depot - it's a paint dropcloth I found on clearance!

shopping bag
I need to re-ink my ink pad - that label is brutal

The bag is lined with some regular quilting cotton and I used some co-ordinating fabric for the handles. I'll make that pattern again - it's very easy.

So those are my Friday Felicities - holiday break and handmade gifts. What about you?


  1. Hello Felicity,
    the gift card holders are a great idea, I will keep that in mind.
    My felicity are handmade gifts, too. And the fact that I finished them in time! :-)

  2. I love the solstice, the darkest day of winter will soon be over and every minute more of sun is good.

  3. Happy Solstice! What a great idea with the drop cloth! Looks fabulous! Lucky teachers.

  4. Awww G looks so cute up there with Santa! I wish I'd though of liquor store cards, that's pure brilliance!
    Glad you liked the tutorial, I'm into easy :-)

  5. love the liquor for teachers too xoxoxo

  6. woohoo, it's party time! Nice makes!

  7. GIFT CARD POUCHES! Brilliant.

    Happy Winter Solstice!! : )



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