Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recent Makes

So how was your Christmas? Even though my kid was up at 5:40 am, I have to say that mine was fabulous! Christmas is pretty special when you're seeing it through the eyes of a five-year-old. Santa brought her a pair of snowshoes and K took her up the mountain today - she's a natural!

I did get a couple of things stitched over the last while, including my project for VMQG's Scrap Bag Challenge and Swap. I read about this kind of fun guild activity on a blog but now I forget where (sorry about that!).

To participate, you fill a small ziploc baggie with about a FQ's worth of scraps, and tuck a slip of paper with your name inside. Then you choose someone else's bag, take it home and make something small with it.

Scrap Bag Challenge goodies
So many things were made in the Scrap Bag Challenge and Swap

Here are the scraps I picked up.
Contents of the scrap bag I got for the VMQG challenge.

They belonged to Janet! I had to ponder for a little while but then inspiration struck. Enter Noodlehead's Open Wide pouch tutorial.

Scrap Swap Pouch

I'm delighted to know that Janet loves her pouch! Here are a couple of her photos:



I also stitched up a couple of pillowcases to give to the drive in support of the children of Newtown, CT. I used a tutorial on Lovely Little Handmades and they came together beautifully:
Pillowcases for Newtown.


  1. Love that pouch! I really need to try that tutorial!

  2. Great projects, Felicity. Love that pouch and swap idea.

  3. I am glad you are enjoying the holidays! The scrap challenge looks like fun.

  4. Wow! I was cringing a tiny bit when I saw those poor scraps (no offense meant!), but you worked some magic there! Lovely pouch!!

  5. I've read about the swap idea, but cannot remember where either! It is such a neat idea, and fun! I am thinking of maybe suggesting something like that the next time the Tucson MQG does a swap thing. The bag is just lovely! And so are those pillowcases! Christmas was interesting with the 2 year old. Next year will be fun, he waas starting to get into it this year!

  6. Love your pouch - what a fun idea for a scrap project swap.

  7. I love my pouch - you sure turned a sow's ear of scraps into a silk purse in my books!
    Great cheerful pillowslips, too.

  8. that pouch is great and i love that idea for a quilt guild. i could definitely find enough scraps to give away :)


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