Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Felicities

It's a busy time of year, isn't it?  Especially for those of us who are stitchy types, the urge/need/compulsion to make some or all or most of our gifts is very, very strong.

When it works and we can manage it, it's great. But when it doesn't, and we can't, it's really stressful.

So today, how about we pledge to take just one minute to stop, breathe, and appreciate ourselves and all the things we do? My felicity today Go ahead and take your own "me" break to remember how fantastic you are. You deserve it.


  1. Good plan, and yes, I agree you are fantastic. Me too.

  2. how true! Thanks for the reminder Felicity!

  3. Great idea. I went to the gym instead of my sewing room. Thanks.

  4. linking late! But I finally feel like I have a Felicity to share. oh look!! Your name is a 'thing' we do and feel now! ; ) cool. very cool.

    : )


  5. Good reminder--I think women tend to be so hard on themselves anyway, and this time of year it it easy to feel like we are not doing "enough." Thanks, Felicity. You are amazing!


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