Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Five years ago today, K and I became parents. G was a long-awaited addition to our family, the best kind of surprise after we'd pretty much given up hope after years of "trying."

I am having trouble finding the words to describe what the past five years have been like. Laughter, love, work, tears, hugs, breastfeeding, sleeping, waking, babywearing, poop, songs, dancing, yelling, family....

Her "serious" face

What does a stitchy Mama make for a 5-year-old? Barbie clothes, of course! Thanks to the lovely Jo Ann (a real person, not the store), I have not one but two vintage patterns for Barbie outfits - Butterick 3761 and McCall's Crafts 620. I used the latter to make these outfits during my day retreat on the weekend:

Sporty Barbie
Sporty crop top and capris

Sparkly Bikini Barbie
Sequinned bikini (!!)

Evening Barbie
Evening gown

Evening with Stole Barbie
...with faux fur stole!

There's another evening dress I want to try. It's so fun making these tiny things. Occasionally frustrating, yes, but knowing how much G is going to love these outfits (she'd better is all I'm saying) makes it all worth it.


  1. Hello Felicity!
    Those are cool Barbie outfits!
    I´m looking forward to sewing for Barbies again, too. My niece turned three last month and I can´t wait to give her her first Barbie doll and clothes.
    I think the doll with the evening gown is very pretty, do you know her name? I never saw such a face before. I have a small barbie collection and would love to get such a doll.

  2. I am totally going to have you measure me up and make me a sequin bikini at Loon Lake next year.

    Happy birthday, G!!

  3. Lucky Miss G! She's going to have so much fun with those outfits. Way to go on those tiny seams, Felicity!

  4. I'm so glad you got such a wonderful surprise after all those years. She is blessed as well as you. And you are so patient to make Barbie clothes!

  5. I am thrilled to see the patterns in use after storing them soo long. It is nice to know they have a good home. The outfits are awesome!

  6. One of my best childhood memories is coming home from school to a brand new Barbie doll outfit sewn lovingly by my Mom! I am sure you are making memories as you sew those (sometimes tedious) items for your adorable daughter. Lucky girl!

  7. Happy Birthday, G! I bet she'll love those fabulous Barbie clothes. I wonder if Barbie will ever wear her sequined bikini top with her striped leggings. Perhaps with a stole on top. With a kid as creative as G, I'm sure it'll happen!

  8. Happy birthday! Love the face! Fabulous barbie wear! I second what Holly says! Way to make separates!

  9. When I was young , my Mom made my Barbie a whole wardrobe including a wedding dress. I still have them!

  10. Happy Birthday to your little girl! I love your Barbie clothes! My mom used to make my Barbie clothes for me and I loved it so much! I still have some of them in her old sewing box. I know she'll love them!

  11. look at that face! And I think mamas are the ones who should be celebrated for birthdays...
    So glad she's part of your family! ♥
    and great work on the little outfits!

  12. Happy Birthday Little G ~ enjoy your new Barbie clothes!

  13. I love the serious face! All of those words sum up my 5 years of motherhood too. When you become a mom, no one really tells you how much time and energy would be spent on the whole poop thing.

  14. Happy Birthday to your girl! I hope she enjoys her Barbie clothes, great job:)

  15. Happy 5th Birthday G! Wow, you look like your momma in that picture. You are gorgeous!

    Hey Felicity, here's a link that reminded me of you (of course). Check it out:


  16. Hi Felicity! I remember my mom making the ballgown for my barbie when I was a kid! I had forgotten =) Thanks for re-kindling the memories!

  17. How fabulous to make these for her, she will be thrilled. :)


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