Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day & October Just Three

Lily's Quilts

Did you know that Lynne Lily's Quilts hosts Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet on the first of each month? It's a great chance to celebrate all we've accomplished. At the risk of sounding immodest, I am pleased as punch at everything I got done in October. A few WIPs got tackled and finished, which makes me especially happy.

Here's a collage summarizing my finishes:

Fresh Sewing October collage

A few quilts, some garment sewing and my last bee block for Stash Trad. Yay!

I'm also taking the opportunity to check in with Traceyjay Quilts for Just Three. My October goals were:

1. Finish new Halloween doorhanger. YES! With bonus placemat!
2. Make ONE colourful churn dash block. YES! Here it is:

colourful churn dash

3. Make one more Barcelona Skirt. YES!

Woo hoo! 100% YESSSSS! Now, for November. Let's see....I've got a delicious 4-day retreat coming up next weekend. Must...resist...unrealistic....goals....

1. Make project for VMQG Kona Modern Quilts challenge.
2. Make item(s) for VMQG's table at Got Craft?.
3. Enter at least 1 quilt in the QuiltCon quilt show.

There. That ought to keep me busy. How about you?

traceyjay quilts

p.s. I forgot all about Kati From The Blue Chair's At the End of the Hallway linky. Go check it out! I am super happy with my overall productivity this month, but I think that Sea Glass on Sand might be my favourite. Ssshhhh! Don't tell the other projects! ;)


  1. my favourite, churn dash, sure do look great in modern fabrics - especially the dotty stripey one!

  2. Nice mosaic - love that quilt in the upper left! And good for you for 100% finishes. Very fun.

  3. Your October looks very productive ; )

  4. What a productive month. Love the skirt. It looks amazing!

  5. I'm digging that halloween quilt and the sea glass quilt Felicity. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend...woooohoooo retreats rock!!

  6. You're amazing, Felicity! What a great month! I love your three goals for November and can't wait to see the progress you make on them at your wonderful retreat. I know if I had a four day retreat to plan for, I'd be making the most unrealistic to quilt list imaginable!

  7. I need to make a skirt like that!
    fun stuff -- your churndash quilt is going to be so cute!

    and thanks for linking up! :)

  8. Love: I see my halloween block in the mosaic.
    Hate: Not being able to attend the quilting retreat--trying to put that out of my mind.

    I made two blocks for you. Will get them in the mail.

  9. Well I guess you should be as pleased as punch of everything you accomplished!Impressive, big gold star for you!

    I love your lists, oddly I feel like I'm accomplishing something as I read them-go figure. I never feel that way about my lists. I much rather read yours ;)


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