Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spoooooky Halloween Mini and Placemat

So here's the thing. I'm not Halloween's biggest fan (I say this with sincere apologies to my friends who ARE fans - Amy, Riel, you spring to mind), because I don't like how Halloween has become yet another over-commercialized crap-acquisition opportunity.

But I have to say that winning the VMQG Halloween Block Lottery last year went a ways toward warming my cold, black Halloween non-fan heart.

Look at the cute mini I was able to make with blocks made by my lovely VMQG peeps:

halloween mini
It's 24" x 24".

I'm particularly pleased with my quilted spiderwebs! I used a purple variegated thread (Aurifil 50 wt #3840).

halloween mini quilting

And black for the rest.

halloween mini quilting leaves

This is the back, which shows all the quilting:

halloween mini back

I was so pleased to be able to zip out during a break in the rain, and take photos under a beautifully clear fall sky.

halloween mini and fall sky

There was one leftover block from my winnings that didn't fit into the mini, so I turned it into a seasonal placemat for G, who drew the Jack o' Lantern's face. More spiderwebs on this one:

boo! placemat

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  1. Not a Halloween fan either but this is pretty darn cute.

  2. It is very fun and I love the quilted spiderweb!

  3. These are both so cute. I love decorating for Halloween, but it's not my fav holiday. :D

  4. Love them!!! :D I do love Halloween, mostly because it's our anniversary too!- but agree it's getting way too Christmas-a-cized with too much cheap junk out there. But your quilt is just awesome with all those funky blocks- love it!!!- and the little placemat is just perfect!

  5. It's a great mini and love the spiderwebs too!

  6. Those are great. Love the spiderweb quilting especially!

  7. Very fun! The spiderweb quilting is so great! I love your term "crap-acquisition", and it is regrettably true too often!

  8. Love, love, love your quilted Hallowe'en!!! The spider webs turned out amazing and the variegated purple just too perfect! I must say I'm a little tickled that my pumpkin block has a sweet face by G now.

  9. The quilting is really awesome! I'm with you on Halloween in general...but I keep seeing fantastic quilts that make me want to change my mind!

  10. Aww, great job! Your spider webs came out much straighter than mine. :) I love holiday themed stuff that looks so happy and modern and nice.

  11. This turned out great, Felicity! The purple spiderweb quilting is brilliant! I totally get you with not being a fan of the overly commercialized aspects of a holiday. Good thing you've got a lovely little quilt handmade by VMQG friends and yourself to focus on instead! Love G's face on the pumpkin!

  12. Not a Halloween fan either. Weird that I would request Halloween blocks for Stash Trad, huh? And I think I'm going to love that quilt, BTW. But back to the topic at hand. This quilt is fabulous! Wow, that quilting is really awesome.

  13. It looks great and I agree with the others the spiderweb is awesome.

  14. Oh yes the spiderwebs are awesome

  15. Yes, it looks like you warmed up to Hween nicely. That looks great. I agree there is just TOO MUCH to buy for Hween these days so that is why I like the challenge of making my own stuff(although I will fully own the fact that I go overboard). R

  16. That is a great mini! I really like the purple spiderwebs! The placemat is awesome too... my girls would love Halloween placemats...hmmmm... better get to work! Thanks for the inspiration!


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