Saturday, January 21, 2012

Answer: 54

Question: how many corners did I have to deal with when binding these six placemats? (Edited - should be 48 because 6x8 (2 mitres per corner for putting binding on then stitching down) =48. I am SMRT, I am!).

They are for my Mom. I'd hoped to get them done before Christmas but you know what they say about good intentions! Luckily, she is my Mom and has to love me no matter what.

The main placemat fabrics are by Lonni Rossi, and they've been curing in my stash for at least 5 years. The fabric I used for binding and a couple of the backs is also from the stash - Heavy Metal by Ro Gregg for Northcott (a Canadian fabric company). My Mom loves sparkles and gold and whatnot so I thought she'd appreciate these fabrics. They're also dark colours for hiding stains - an important feature in placemats, in my opinion.

Get set for a lot of photos - I would've made a mosaic but they create square images, and that would not have worked with these rectangular placemats!

All the fronts:







A couple backs:



And a few quilting closeups:


(Front/Back/Quilting photos for each placemat are in my Flickr stream.)

Fun fact: each placemat is quilted differently, as much for FMQ practice as to make the quilting match the design.

Another fun fact: every single one of these designs was created with units that look like this:

Strip piecing units

They're strip-pieced using two 2½" strips sewn together, then cut into 4½" units. There are tons of ways to arrange the units - a great idea for any leftover jelly roll strips you might have floating around!

I'll be linking up to {sew} modern monday and manic mondays, and probably Fabric Tuesday and others as the week goes on. All those links are over on my right hand sidebar if you want to link up too (you totally should!).

EDITED (Jan 30, 2012): These are 100% stash-sourced (including the batting - I am hard core, you guys!), so I'm linking up to January's Slash the Stash with Kati.


  1. I love your free-motion practice idea. I haven't had a lot of time to free-wheel it but this is a really good project for it. Absolutely love that leaf/petal motif!

  2. They look fantastic!! I'm having some difficulty with the math, though. I always thought 6 x 4 was 24?

  3. I like how you figured out all these different ways to make patterns with a very simple block!

  4. They are lovely! Don't feel bad about the math. I am worse than you, I promise.

  5. Those are such fun. I love playing with the different pattens a little block like that can make and your different fmq is also wonderful.

  6. Great job, Felicity! You are so right about placemats needing to be dark. I love how you quilted each one differently - love that idea!

  7. Love the math problem. Now I thought you were in banking.... What a great way to use up your stash. Thanks for linking up!


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