Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bee Sewcial, Updates

I've been merrily making blocks for my wonderful online bee, Bee Sewcial, posting them on instagram and then forgetting to blog them. OOPS. Here's a summary of the blocks I've made this year. (January is blogged here).

February's prompt, "Eyes", was from Karen Capitola Quilter. I kept one block mostly linear:

Eye 2 for Karen
And the other embraced the curves.

Eye 1 for Karen
Both blocks were pieced improvisationally.

Eyes for Karen

My prompt was for March and you can read about it here - I've received some wonderful blocks that are awaiting my assembly inspiration.

April flowers were on order from Marci (Marci Girl Designs). The brights against navy are so wonderful, aren't they?

April Bee Sewcial blocks for Marci_girl
Here are some close ups:

April #beesewcial block

Improv blossom for @marci_girl. #beesewcial #inspiredbybeesewcial @capitolaquilter @astrangerview @entropyalwayswins @shecanquilt @aquilterstable @quiltmatters @spontaneousthreads @playcrafts

May was Silvia A Stranger View's month, and her prompt was all about bones and structures in lighter greys with a pop of certain select colours. I tried a 3D effect for one block and it turned out great (if I do say so myself):

May #beesewcial blocks for @astrangerview

The other block was intended to mimic vertebrae, and some improv piecing including the curves really worked out well.

May #beesewcial blocks for @astrangerview

Next up, we had June and M-R Quilt Matters' prompt Group Hug, encouraging or inspirational graffiti. I have to say, I absolutely adore the creativity and inspiration that goes into the Bee Sewcial prompts month after month after month. 

Both blocks were made improvisationally (of course). I cut the pieces for the letters out of leftover bits from another quilt and they were already pieced so they ended up being cross-cut. I found the final effect in the words quite interesting.

June #beesewcial block for M-R

June #beesewcial block for M-R

And finally (thus far), was Debbie A Quilter's Table's turn. July was about "looking up" in greyscale. I chose the view of the ceiling at the pool that I see when I'm doing my backstroke. Lucky me that it was already in greyscale!

Bee Sewcial Look Up: ceiling

Here is my block, with a more head-on view than the angled photo.

Bee Sewcial block for Debbie. Look Up: ceiling

Whew! That was a lot! Stay tuned for some other updates: The Canadian Sampler blocks, plus some end of the year teacher gifts too.

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  1. Thank you so much for MY block Felicity! ;-) I really like it and am happy to see the photo you were inspired by. I also am especially fond of the flowers for Marci. All terrific blocks tho!!


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