Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bee Sewcial March Prompt

Hello Bee Sewcial friends and #inspiredbybeesewcial friends! My inspiration for this month's theme originates in the packaging for some coffee we bought last year. The colours of the bag really spoke to me and I kept that bag perched beside my laptop for months knowing I'd use it for Bee Sewcial.

For March's blocks, please let yourselves be inspired by the following words:

  • waves
  • depths
  • flow (I think my yoga classes are affecting me ha ha)

For the block's composition, I'm okay with anything except embellishments. Curves, straight lines, appliqué, whatever strikes your fancy.

Orientation is up to you as is size as long as your block/s is/are the equivalent of two 12½" blocks. I absolutely love the process of puzzling together blocks into a top, so don't worry about odd dimensions.

As for the colourway, I'd like you to again be inspired by the packaging's colours. For proportions, please focus on the darker hues (teals), using a lighter touch for the lighter colours (greens) and the copper colour as an accent.

Bee Sewcial March prompt

For your reference, I've included my older Kona colour card in the photo (ignore the circled colours). The darker colour in the packaging seems to match Kona Glacier pretty well - you can see that in the photo background. But anything in that family of darker blue-greens/teals would be great. The greens appear to be in the Palm/Laurel/Leaf range. As for the copper colour, my card suggests Brick, Cocoa or Spice. Again, all of these colours are guidelines only to help with choosing colour families. They don't have to be Kona solids or those specific colours.

I so look forward to seeing how you interpret the vision!


  1. Loving your palette Felicity. Mulling already...

  2. LOVE the colors you chose. Seems like we are all grown to shades of blue so far this year.....

  3. Beautiful colours, great theme.


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