Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bee Sewcial, January

My fantastic Bee, Bee Sewcial, has just kicked off its third year. I absolutely love creating with these amazing women.

January's prompt was from Stephanie Spontaneous Threads: RESOLUTION. Inspired by the colours in this incredible video, we were to interpret the theme in whatever way resonated with us. Since I don't make resolutions for the new year or any other time - it's just a thing of mine - I instead used the opportunity to express some of my upset about the current political climate. On edge, shattered, brittle.
Bee Sewcial January for Stephanie

I will find some resolve, I'm sure, but for now I'm still dealing with some very raw emotions.

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  1. Totally can relate to the feelings behind your block....It's striking. And I am feeling the same...


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