Wednesday, February 1, 2017

MQG Swap: A Tale of Three Quilts (photo heavy!)

Last year, the Modern Quilt Guild announced a mini quilt swap. I had sworn off swaps for a couple of years because of time constraints and the fact that I wanted to focus on sewing for me as opposed to others.

But with my new life and new schedule (i.e. not working for the time being), I figured I had a bit more time to invest. So I signed up.

Partner information got sent out, Instagram swap teams were set up, and all was going along swimmingly. I mulled for a while, then settled on a design and fabric. An in-progress shot:

MQG Swap Mini in progress

Before long, I had a pieced top. Since it's just a mini, I was able to get it layered and quilted quite quickly. I decided to block it after quilting so that I could coax those curves into submission. Everything was great until I was binding and noticed something that made my heart sink:

Navy blue dye ran.

The blue flowers on the fabric (which I hadn't prewashed because I was using pre-cut charm squares) had run quite a bit.

I tried to fix it but I was terrified I would make it worse. After several nice commenters on Instagram said that it was lovely and I should just send it anyway, I decided to do just that.

MQG Swap mini.

I think these rounded corners are a cool element:

MQG Swap mini, quilting and rounded corner detail 

But just in case my partner was unhappy with the blemish, I made a mini backup quilt using a gorgeous paper pieced pattern from Anne Play Crafts called Contour Feather.

Feather mini

I quilted both minis using Aurifil 40 weight thread in a warm pink (2425) that looks quite bold against the Kona Pepper background. I like it!

MQG Swap mini. Quilting detail.

Feather mini, detail 

Finally, I added a label (identifying info blanked out of course):

MQG Swap mini label

So this post is titled a Tale of Three Quilts. We've covered two. Now for the third. When I filled out my swap registration, I indicated that I would be willing to be a swap angel: someone who makes an extra quilt for someone whose original partner had to drop out of the swap.

I'd wanted to try Debbie A Quilter's Table's Cross Cut blocks ever since she did her quilt along, and serendipitously, the design seemed to work with what my angel partner was looking for.

MQG Swap, angel quilt: "Cross Cut"

I do love a low volume scrappy background!

For the quilting, I eyeballed the first, smallest curve, then just followed the previous stitched line - also eyeballed - until the whole thing was done.

MQG Swap Mini, Cross Cut

It is quirky, just like the quilt.

MQG Swap Mini, quilting detail.

Quilting detail on MQG Swap Mini

For binding, I used some of the low volume fabric and did a single fold binding to reduce bulk:
MQG Swap Mini binding

I'm glad that I could help out to ensure everyone who signed up for the swap and made a quilt gets one in return. I hope my partners like their quilts!


  1. I love all these little projects and I'm hoping one's coming to me ;-)! The rounded corners on the first mini are great and I love the colours in the cross-cut quilt. That stripe fabric is great!

  2. If i was your swap partner I'd be delighted with the quilt and not worried about a little bit of running at all, it's stunning! Love the other two minis too, great job!

  3. I LOVE the quilts you made Felicity! They are hung in my sewing room so I can enjoy them daily. The feather is right in front of my sewing machine. Thanks so much again!


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