Sunday, October 5, 2014

Finish Along Q3 Wrap Up

I think I start every single one of these Finish Along posts the same thought: Wow, that quarter went quickly!

But it did! School got out two weeks early and started three weeks late because of a dispute between the teachers' union and our provincial government. The kids were finally back in school the week of the 22nd. That put a crimp in my productivity because my alternate Mondays off were not enjoyed sans enfant.

But I did get some stuff done, though not everything on my list (of course):

1. Road Trip Case. YES! I sewed with vinyl! It wasn't awful!

2. Circle of Geese bee quilt. YES! Renamed Love is All Around, it's with its new owner and rumour has it she wanted to call me at 7 am Eastern time (so 4 am my time) to thank me!

3. Michael Miller Petal Pinwheels Challenge. YES! It's on reserve for when I need a baby quilt sometime in the future.

4. Liberty + Kona Solids St. Louis 16- patch. YES! Sneak peek photo only; full post to come soon but I wanted to make sure I linked up this finish (this post counts for it in the linky).

Liberty 16 patch sneak peek

5. Wonderland Sampler and Wonderland Quilt: Nope and nope. But that's okay. They'll get done but not before I deal with making an Elsa dress for someone for Halloween (not me).

Thanks, Katy for the Finish Along - there's so, so much work involved and I'm so grateful. It's a wonderful motivator for me. There's no way I would've made time to make myself a quilt (which is what the Liberty 16 patch is) without it.


  1. I know! Time just flies. I always think I have more time than I do ; )

  2. Great finishes and a successful quarter in my book!

  3. Do you live in British Columbia? I am an Australian teacher with a former colleague who used to talk up the merits of the Canadian teachers union. He said our union system in Australia was weak in comparison. That if teachers strike in Canada there just is no school. We open them with a skeleton staff. I think parents would be very upset if we closed school for five extra weeks, but then it might get them more supportive if what we do.


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