Sunday, September 8, 2013

Non-Quilty Sewing Part 1

Following my Vintage Star finish, I turned my mind to some non-quilty sewing.

First, I made a sweet dress for G to wear to the rehearsal dinner for my brother's wedding in July. I adapted the pattern included in Wendi Gratz's book Absolutely A-Line: 1 Easy Pattern = 26 Adorable Dresses for Girls, and made it out of a knit fabric.

Purple knit a-line

Since the fabric (purchased on sale from a fabulous local fabric/notions/everything you can imagine store) was pointelle-style and a thus little see-through, I decided to simply double it up and make the dress reversible.

And since the dress was two full layers of fabric (admittedly ill-advised since the weather there was even more hot and humid than I feared it would be), I played a bit with the finishing of the hems. In addition to doing a lettuce edge (yay serger!), I cut a gentle curve up on one side of the dress so that the lining/flip side showed.
A-line dress Lettuce Edge Hem

Buyoed with my success on that dress, I made the pattern up again using some vintage doubleknit that my mother-in-law gave me:

Aline dress in vintage doubleknit

There wasn't enough fabric to make it reversible, so I just stitched down the neck and arm holes with my sewing machine's stretch stitch. Let's just say there's a reason I haven't including a closeup photo, mmmmkay? But that really doesn't matter. This dress received the highest honour a child can bestow: worn for the first day of school (over black and white polka dot footless tights and a pink t-shirt - I love this kid).

I have also cut out the pieces of a fleece coat for G but haven't been able to bring myself to actually sew it up. It's still warm here but I know my time is running out!


  1. "fabulous local fabric/notions/everything you can imagine store"

    I'm guessing Dressew for this; oh how I miss you Dressew.

    Nice dresses for your daughter!

  2. Those are so cute, sewing for small girls can be so much fun.

  3. The funky polka-dot dress is most definitely first-day-of-school worthy! I'd wear it myself!

  4. Looks great Felicity. Love the vintagey fabric, and I can just picture the outfit on the first day of school Oy! :)


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