Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Q2 FAL: Official Goal List

In my Q1 Finish A Long wrap up, I identified some UFOs that I wanted to finish in Q2 but I need a new official Goal List to link for the next quarter, so here we go!

By June 30, I will be finished:

1. Dad's placemats. I've made some progress since my last photo but here it is again:


2. Easy Going Modern: The Pattern. There has been progress, but it's a bit hard to show! How about this:

3. The New Wave quilt. I'm too embarrassed to include that photo again.

4. The "It's a Hoot" project. Status: blocks pieced, and (since this photo was taken) arranged on my design wall at home.

That'll definitely keep me busy, especially since I'm also doing the Zakka Along 2.0 where we'll be stitching through Patchwork, Please by Ayumi Takahashi (Pink Penguin). The original Zakka Along looked like so much fun that I really didn't want to miss out on round 2. It's being hosted by Debbie A Quilter's Table and Lindsay LR Stitched and it starts in June. You've got lots of time to order the book and get your supplies together - wanna join in the fun? There are prizes!!

Go here for information on the Finish A Long - you can join in for any quarter you like!

she can quilt


  1. I remember seeing the new wave quilt around blog land and am still not sure how its put together. These lists are great aren't they? Wish it would stop me from starting new ones tho.....

  2. i have a big list for the whole year to finish, and i make smaller goals for the month in the cut to pieces UFO flickr group, but i don't think i can do a quarter list. i guess i'm a little odd :)

  3. The QAL will keep us hopping that's for sure. Good luck with your goals

  4. It's good to have a stretch target, right? Have fun with your goals.

  5. Yeah, making goals is a great motivator. I have a list somewhere... Have to look at how things are going again though. I'll add that to the list. :)

  6. Your list looks very doable, Felicity. It helps to have a goal, doesn't it!


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