Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Twofer: WIP Wednesday and Just Three

Busy work, then some time off work (yay!), plus back-to-school excitement: all conspired to make September seem like it flew by. But October is my favourite month so I'm happy it's here.

Made progress On...

Sea Glass on Sand. She’s quilted and trimmed. I have a poll going to get input on the binding (thanks for your votes), and I’ve made my decision. Finished product to be featured soon.

Stash Trad Bee block for October (ahead of the game!). Cindy Live a Colorful Life called her month “Granny Says Boo” which I find delightfully amusing. We made granny squares from this tutorial (12” finished block) using Hallowe’en-themed colours of orange, lime green, purple, black, white and grey.

granny says boo!

It was nice to end this Bee off on the high note of an easy block. Would you believe I've never made a Granny Square? I guess I'm a bit of a contrarian/johnny come lately when it comes to fads and crazes. It was fun to make, and I threw in some fussy cutting for the centre:

Great Granny closeup

And that’s about it, WIP-wise.

Just Three Recap (a.k.a. “uh oh”)
1. Quilt at least one Siblings Together quilt. (NO)
2. Pattern test for Nikki. (YES)
3. Make 3 more Colourful Churn Dash blocks. (NO, but Holly made one for me in our mini-bee!)

Actually, it’s not that bad. I accomplished only one of my Just Three goals (Tote bag here), but I did a whole schwack (technical term) of other fun stuff so all was not lost.

Here’s a slightly more realistic Just Three for October:
1. Finish new Hallowe’en doorhanger (currently at "top complete" stage);
2. Make ONE Colourful Churn Dash block;
3. Make one more Barcelona skirt.

Just Three is a feature by Traceyjay Quilts where you set three simple goals for the upcoming month, then come back at month-end to recap/report. It’s fun! Come and join us! Also joining up with Freshly Pieced and The Needle and Thread Network.


  1. October is by far my favorite month, too! Can't wait to see your Sea Glass finish and your Granny is looking good! I have yet to make one, despite all the great granny quilts I've seen going around. Good luck on your three for this month!

  2. That is a lovely block! Have a fun October :)

  3. I love the grannie, it is a good bee block. And your lists are good, it is nice to see that others besides me get sidetracked by a schwack of other things - I wonder if that is a Canadian term, as I know it.

  4. Glad your final block for the bee was a fun one, it looks great! I love the idea of Just Three (and am glad I helped out with one of your September goals!). Happy October!

  5. Your granny square is great. They are so fun to make : )

  6. What a cute Halloween granny square!! Good luck meeting your goals!

  7. Cute Granny! I haven't made one--I might be the only holdout now!

  8. Ha, I had never made a granny square either, I think for the same reasons as you! It just seemed to take the world by storm, didn't it?

    Yours is really adorable, Felicity!

  9. Schwack--adding it to my vocabulary. I love LOVE my granny square! Haha--"forcing" you and Lee and a few others to jump on the granny bandwagon with me is quite fun.

  10. I like the Granny Square. I have never made a Granny Square either, it is yet another thing on my list of things to try! :)

  11. I have YET to do a granny square, so you are way ahead!

    Love the jack-o-lantern grinning in the middle!!!

  12. I like to refer to myself as a virgin granny (isn't it great that we get to start over again and again in life?). However, I've lost my status, having made Cindy's block now. I love the sweet pumpkin in the middle of yours! Looking forward to the big Sea Glass and Sand reveal!

  13. Love your halloween granny!!!!!

  14. Love your Granny square - they are a bit addictive once you get started though:) Can't wait to see Sea glass finished too!

  15. Very fun granny square! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday this week where I've enjoyed guest-hosting!

  16. love the halloween granny square. You accomplished just as much as I did on my just three :) Good luck with this months goals.

  17. Nice job on the granny square!


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