Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Felicities

Happy Friday! It's been quiet here this week - the long weekend threw me off the routine and my sewing suffered a bit. But I managed to pump out a cute little mug rug:

improv flower mug rug

I was heavily influenced/inspired by Krista's gorgeous improv flowers (I'm still sad that I was out of town when she did a workshop on this technique for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild!). I tried a few new FMQ designs with Aurifil 50 weight in a red/orange/yellow variegated colourway (#4657) in the petals, and stippled in the green background. Scrappy binding and it's all set to go.

My felicity is hearing G say at dinner last night, "OK, Three Good Things: Daddy, you go first." Three Good Things is my family's version of Friday Felicities. I instated it when talk of school seemed to be exclusively a litany of negatives from little G. It's true that she was struggling to find her place in the social hierarchy of the Kindergarten girls -- there are only three of them and the other two know each other from being in the morning preschool class together so G was odd-kid out.

I didn't ignore her anxieties about her classmates, but I really, REALLY wanted her to get in the habit of focusing on what went well each day so every night at dinner, we each take turns telling our "Three Good Things." I was so thrilled when she initiated it for a change, and I was delighted to hear her first Good Thing was that "school was great!"

Mama and G
Gratuitous Mama and G photo. 
Note: if I thought for one second that I could get away with leggings like hers, I'd be all over them.

Happy Weekend, all!


  1. Hi! Your mugrug is so sunny and beautiful! I happened to see that Kirsta's quilt yesterday and I love it! Wonderful that your girl feels now good at school! x Teje

  2. I love the colors in your mug rug! So glad G had a great day at school! I may have to implement 3 Good Things at our house, too!

  3. Poor G. :( We have had similar issues in the past... It is so hard when the other kids know each other. I even have a memory of this-when I was in kindergarden or 1st grade, a bunch of my classmates told me that I didn't *really* "go to" that school, bc I didn't go to preschool there! I was seriously heartbroken!
    It's awesome that you found a way to work with the situation. I bet school will just keep getting better and better as the year goes on. :)
    And, BTW, you could totally rock a leopard tight under a denim skirt! I love your fashion sense!

  4. The issue of fitting in comes up a lot with our little one, and it is something that really puts me on edge. So it is such a relief when you find out your kids are doing okay when they're away from you, and managing on their own. That's huge.

  5. I Love the mug rug! It reminds me of a scrappy starburst one I have been meaning to try...

    Your poor little one! It is amazing the behaviors that you think wouldn't start until later actually start right away1 I am pretty lucky that in my 5th and 6th grade classrooms the girls have matured a little bit, but the 4th graders are pretty catty and it is sad. Ah, the wonderful world of school...

    If I could get away with those leggings, I would too! Or any kind of leggings for that matter! Such a cute little one, and such a happy moment that school went great! Hurray for the happiness advantage! :)

  6. Ahh, school issues and kindergarten hierarchy. We've been there. How wonderful though to aim to focus on the positives and not the negatives.

  7. Lovely mug rug. It's good to have time off sewing. I think it gears us up ; )

  8. Yup, three good things is a really good thing. Cute mug rug!

  9. First off, your mug rug is super cute. Second, it is amazing to me that all that hierarchy stuff starts so young. Charlotte is in first grade now, but last year already someone told her she was ugly, etc. Huh? She is beautiful. Bullying and cliques start so young, it just broke my heart. Three Good Things is an awesome way to help counteract that.

  10. Love that mug rug! It is very cheerful!
    Three Good Things is awesome!! I think it's terrific that your little girl initiated it AND that she had a great day at school! You're a great mom for helping her see the positive!

  11. You know how when you were a kid and you popped a sour lemon candy in your mouth and the corners of your jaw kinda tingled? Well thats how my eyes felt when I looked at your mug rug, a tingle, a very pleasant one at that!


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