Monday, September 3, 2012

Memory Quilt for Heather (Lotsa Photos!)

This quilt is one of my longest-standing WIPs, and I'm so happy that it's done. Not because I grew tired of it and got to the "ohmygodjustbefinishedalready" stage; rather, my friend Anne made the mistake of telling me that there was "no rush" on this project.

"No rush" became years. Seriously. It's embarrassing. But I hope she feels it was worth the wait!

Memories of Dressing Up

Heather is my friend Anne's daughter, and she is close to turning 15 years old. (Way to make me feel old, Heather - I remember meeting  you when you were less than two weeks old!) A little while ago, Heather and Anne redecorated Heather's room, replacing her "little girl" pinksplosion décor with something more appropriate for a teenager.

But Heather has a soft spot for her old look, and who wouldn't? There was a bed canopy, walls covered with two-tone pink stripes, matching curtains, the whole bit - all done by my very talented friend Anne, I might add. So Anne gave me the fabric leftovers and asked me to make Heather a memory quilt.

I knew that the quilt would have to have some lovely wide borders to show off the adorable print (called "Dressing Up" by Laura Ashley). Serendipitously, there were two long pieces of fabric cut on the length of grain.

Border Quilting

I paired the coordinating gingham with some Kona Snow to make the low-volume patchwork centre, and brought out the border colours in the large flower appliqués.


Before adding the appliqué, I quilted the whole thing in the ditch all around the patchwork and borders. Then I quilted the cornerstones and borders with some variegated thread by Signature that I had in my thread stash, and which coordinated beautifully. I took my time with the FMQ and I'm pretty happy with the results.

Cornerstone Quilting

Next, I used fusible web to adhere the appliqué shapes. That scribbly stitch was fun to do on the preschool and family tree quilts so I busted out the 28wt Aurifil in dark brown and went to town.

Border and Applique

I pieced the back and pieced in Heather's name with free-pieced letters just because.
Memories of Dressing Up Back

Pieced Name

The quilt finishes at 60½"x78½" prewashing. A generous lap quilt for Heather, a tall, willowy brunette.

Memories of Dressing Up

I called this quilt "Memories of Dressing Up" - I sure hope Heather loves it - "Auntie 'Licity" loved making it for her.

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  1. Wow, so much went into that quilt. I love all the details. Makes it extra special.

  2. What a lovely quilt... and what a great way to hold onto childhood memories!

  3. Love the quilt and your story!
    Your quilting is wonderful!

  4. I love what you did with the appliqué and stitching .

  5. Gorgeous, Felicity! Worth the wait for sure. I love all of that FMQ.

  6. Love this quilt, the soft palette just works with the design and love the applique and the cornerstone quilting.

  7. What a beautiful quilt and an awesome story to go with it! I am sure she will treasure it!

  8. I really love that flower FMQ pattern in the corner blocks. I think I'll have to try it!

  9. Felicity, this is a sweet matter how long it took to get it finished. Great job on the quilting too!

  10. I am sure she appreciates it, no matter what time it took :). Very pretty, sounds like it is perfect for her!

  11. What a sweet quilt! What a great way to use that special fabric from her childhood. I love the quilting in the corners!

  12. Completion of long awaited projects are so well deserved. Time heals all the years of unfinished projects. Well done of finishing it, its a lovely quilt and a great backing!

  13. What a great gift and wonderful souvenir! I love her free pieced name on the back.


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