Saturday, August 18, 2012

Checking In

Hi there! How've you been? Just a bit of a drive-by post tonight.

Last weekend, three of the MQGs in the Pacific Northwest got together - members of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild and the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild converged on Seattle last weekend for chatting, charity sewing, shopping, etc. It was intense, exhausting and a lot of fun.

Krista has a lovely recap with photos (I barely took any -- too busy chatting, sewing and shopping!), as does the PMQG blog.

We received our pouches from the PMQG/VMQG pouch swap at our August meeting! I scored two lovely pouches that I absolutely adore. They are both very different yet both very "me" - well done, partners!

First up, the happy pouch made by Heather of Joy of All Crafts. Isn't it sweet? Look at that FQ embroidered on the top, and that adorable elephant. LOVE!

pouch 1 received

Photo by Sonja Callaghan

Next, here's a photo of happy me with my second pouch also taken by Sonja (Artisania) at the guild meeting. This pouch was made by Anne. And I love it, too! You can't see in the photo but I am wearing turquoise shoes that match the fabric in the pouch perfectly, and doesn't it go well with my VMQG tshirt? Serendipity!


I managed a small amount of sewing today, at my daughter's behest. She selected a halter top pattern from the Sewing Modkid Style book I won from Fat Quarterly a while ago. It came together VERY quickly and happens to match the skirt I made her a little while ago.

Halter Collage
Also rocking the back-to-school haircut!

The book is all about sewing with knits, and it has completely demystified the world of knits for me! It's a fabulous reference and the patterns are cute, too. I will absolutely be making more from this book over the next little while.

I'll be back soon with something really fun to share so don't go away, okay?


  1. So fun! Love your new little pouches, and the halter is adorable. As is the back to school haircut! I need one of those myself, though not for back to school. :)

  2. Sonja got some great pictures of you with your pouches - they are both fabulous. Love your little fashion model in her new halter - nice job - it looks so cute with her skirt.

  3. Fun pouches and shirt! Sounds like a great weekend!

  4. Oooh you got some awesome pouches- yay!!

  5. Oh, how I wish there were a modern quilting guild for me! It looks like so much fun. I can't wait to be retired so I can sew and quilt to my hearts desire, lol! And btw, I love your daughters haircut...and yours, too!

  6. So fun. I'm sad that I'm on the other end of the country now. :(
    The halter top is so cute! And bonus that it matches the skirt! I just saw this book at the store and didn't look into it much. I didn't realize it was all about knits....I could definitely benefit from that!

  7. Jeez, you are the most photogenic person I know. Gorgeous you are!!!! I LOVE miss G's new outfit and am bowing down to your sewing with knits skills. I'm a chicken. Some day you'll have to teach me.


  8. Cute pouches. You are WAY cute. And Miss G is simply adorable. I think I will have to get that book.


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