Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crane Star Pillow

My lovely fellow VMQG member Laurraine designs and sells the most delightful patterns via her business Patchwork Pottery. When she recently asked if I'd be willing to test her Crane Star Pillow pattern, I leaped at the chance!

Here's her prototype:

image from Patchwork Pottery

And here's my version:

crane star pillow front

crane star pillow back

In my opinion, a feature of a great pattern is its ability to be translated into different colourways/fabrics and still look great. This is one such pattern.

Here's the front a little closer up:

crane star pillow front closeup

crane star pillow back detail

Don't you just love it? The pattern should be for sale soon - why not go subscribe to Laurraine's blog to find out exactly when?

A few more details:

Pillow cover size: 18½" square (I stuffed it with a 20" pillow form so it was nice and plump)
Fabrics: Kona Coal is the grey solid, and the cranes are assorted fabrics from my stash - Green: Sheri Berry designs; Yellow: Minny Muu by Lecien; Orange dots: Crazy for Dots and Stripes by RJR fabrics; Orange floral: my leftover bit has no selvage but it's relatively new and the name is on the tip of my tongue (chime in if you know and I'll update this post) I remembered! It's American Jane by Moda; Purple: random 30s repro without a selvage; Pink: Amy Butler Ginger Bliss; Aqua: Garden Pindot by Michael Miller.
Other: I used Pellon brand fusible fleece rather than batting+backing and it worked like a dream. Highly recommended for pillows.

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  1. I love this on a dark background as you have made it - and your hand stitching finishes it perfectly. Beautiful!

  2. I really do like your interpretation - very fresh and clean!

    1. Thanks so much (your email is set to private so you're a no-reply blogger and I can't email you a response.)

  3. Felicity, this is amazing! I love how you re-interpreted her pattern, and the hand-stitching is the perfect finishing touch! And the back -- wow! Too cute!

  4. That is so cool, Felicity and Laurraine! That colour way rocks, Felicity!

  5. So gorgeous. Love the hand stitching and the bow at the back. Sweet!

  6. It looks fabulous. I love those little crane triangles.

  7. It is a beautiful block and you did a great job on yours! Love your colors.

  8. Very pretty! They look like funky tulips!!!!!

  9. It is wonderful Felicity your choice of colours and the hand stitching are perfect. I love how Laurraine has captured all of the folds in an origami crane in her piecing design.

  10. I just love this pillow and the pattern. I can't wait for it to be released!!

  11. I am in love with your pillow. And very taken with your big stitching. I have a solstice star ready to hand quilt. Better get started!

  12. This is incredibly awesome! I love the pattern and the fabrics you chose!

  13. Aha! At long last, the reveal.... Love it. THat crane design is so interesting. I love your take on it. The dark background really modernizes it.

  14. I love this design, and the tie on the back is super cute!

  15. Your right - 2 of the same patterns with different fabric and results. Both beautiful! Love the hand quilting.

  16. Great job Felicity, i love your hand quilting. Looking forward to the release....Arita

  17. So stinkin' cute!! And both versions are totally awesome! It's like origami meets quilting.

  18. I adore this so much I want to swear!!! Truly awesome! My Grandma gave me the book a thousand paper cranes and I've adored them ever since. Beautiful cushion :)

  19. Felicity--this pillow is just so beautiful. So is your hand quilting. It definitely has your "style" all over it. Looking forward to the pattern!

  20. I love this, and the colours are great. Nice work!

  21. I love love love your version of the pillow! Very cool pattern!

  22. I love this pattern and I'm hopping over to Lorraine's blog to subscribe right now. Well done!

  23. This pattern is lovely and I especially like it in your colour scheme!

  24. I got to touch it, I got to touch it!

  25. So nice! I agree this would look great in so many colorways!

  26. This is such a beautiful pillow Felicity! And such lovey neat handstitching!

  27. Both of the pillows are just beautiful! Lovely work

  28. Too stinkin' cool!!! love how you made this pattern your own--awesome!

  29. wahou !! I really love these colors. Wonderful !

  30. So pretty!! I can't wait to start my own

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