Monday, February 27, 2012

Easy Going Modern Pillow #2

In order to properly photograph the steps for making Easy Going Modern, I ended up making a mini version of the quilt top. Not one to let work go to waste, I quickly figured out that it would make a great pillow cover to match the quilt. It's about 11" x 14" - I had to add a little extra stuffing to plump it out since the pillow form (which said on the package that it was 14" square) really didn't fill it out very well at all.

Easy Going Modern Pillow (2)

The quilt and both pillows (this is the other one) will soon be with their new owners; I can't wait to surprise them with this gift as a thank you for their wonderful friendship.

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  1. Hey, looks just as great as a pillow as it does as a quilt. Nice job!

  2. I love your pattern, and the pillow looks wonderful!

  3. Nice idea to make a mini version for your tutorial photos. I like how it looks sideways as well (yes, I'm sitting at my computer with my head at a 90 degree angle!)!

  4. Love the pillow idea... I would not want to have that lovely go wasted either!

  5. Such a great design - perfect for a pillow too!


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