Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stash Report, Combo Edition

I never did get around to my stash report last week, so here's a two-fer:

Weeks 29/30 (ending July 25, 2010)
Used this week: .5 m
Used this year to date: 143.71 m
Added this week: 1.5 m
Added this year to date: 61.88 m
Net Stash Busted in 2010: 81.83 m

While I did still add to my stash this report, I am pleased to say that this commitment to attempt (!) to use my stash rather than building it up mindlessly is having an effect. There were a couple of big online sales this week that I looked at. I even had carts full of fabric (in one case, $75 worth!). But I didn't buy. I didn't have projects in mind, I wasn't completely in LOVE with the fabric, so I didn't buy.

You know what? It felt kinda good.

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