Monday, July 26, 2010

Doll Stroller Refashion

When it became apparent that a doll stroller was a required addition to my daughter's play, my husband had the brilliant idea to look at a thrift shop. We got this stroller brand new with tags for $2.99. Score! Except for the awful, weird motif on the cheapo silky fabric.

Check out the close up. It says (rather randomly) "Precious Gems." Maybe they're cartoon characters? I'm not sure; we don't watch any kids TV (so far).

I had some lovely fabric from IKEA left over from another project, and I was delighted to find that I could fussy-cut a lovely motif.

I unpicked the seams from the original seat and used that as the pattern for the new one. Literally - I just laid the pieces on my fabric, pinned and used my rotary cutter to cut around them.

The bias tape was left over from my Birthday Banner projects (tutorial here!) and worked like a charm.

Here's the stroller in action - modelled by Sarah, G's doll made by her grandma

I love my new stroller thiiiiiiis much!

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  1. Love love love - Sarah looks so happy - she would have hated the original ticky tacky cover!


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