Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Improv Rainbow Throw Pillow

I had some strip sets left over from Anne's Bee Sewcial assignment, and I needed to make a throw pillow to donate to my daughter's school's fundraiser. Happy happenstance!

I pieced the strips with some chambray-type fabric of which I appear to have purchased a LOT of yardage. (I wonder what I was planning for it? I guess we'll find out eventually!)

I used Thermolam fusible fleece (Pellon TP971F) and quilted with Aurifil thread in various colours - grey in the background area, plus red, orange and yellow in the pieced bits. I just used my walking foot and stitched wavy lines from side to side. I like how the thread colour carries the colour of the pieced strip into the borders.
Silent Auction pillow - front

This is the back, which got the same treatment, but vertically.

Silent Auction pillow - back

My pillow was very well-received and my friend told me that she was engaged in a fierce bidding war for it with a sweet little boy who, according to his mom, loves colour. Mom wants me to make him a pillow as a surprise for Christmas and suggested a trade for some wine - one of the benefits of a school where all of the winemakers send their kids!

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  1. A pillow for wine, eh? Boy don't you have a good deal. ;-) Love what you did here AND that you pulled it together from what you had on hand - love when that can happen!


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