Sunday, October 11, 2015

Q4 FAL List: Moving Edition

I actually debated whether or not I should just forget Q4 altogether. We were very fortunate and sold our townhouse very quickly. While the possession date isn't until end of November, there aren't any homes available in our target area (more to the point: at our target price) right now, so it's looking more and more like a temporary rental is in our future.

BUT! I am choosing to think positive! Who knows? Maybe there's someone spending this (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend cleaning, culling and staging their (2 bedroom + quilty area) home (on a family friendly street with a large yard for a vegetable garden) to ready it for listing this week at a price that's less than our budget!

So assuming that's what's going to happen, this is what I want to finish this quarter:

1. My Bee Sewcial quilt. I'm queen bee for October, and this group is pretty strict about getting the blocks out within two weeks of month end. Check out my blog post that describes the theme I chose. This is the first block to appear in the Flickr group (and on instagram - check out the #beesewcial hashtag) by Debbie A Quilter's Table. I love it.

Bee Sewcial block for Felicity
photo credit: Debbie Jeske

2. Lone Star. Remember this?

Lone Star

It's all pieced, now. I just need to quilt it! Even if we do have to move temporarily, this can be quilted on the longarm I rent time on, so it will get done.

And that's it for projects that are actually in progress. I have a couple other projects that need to get done by November 30th so I can enter them into the QuiltCon show, but I haven't started them yet so they don't really count.

Come and join the FAL fun! There are prizes!!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. Beautiful projects, I am hoping to get your block done soon.

  2. Nice 'doable' list! Glad to be a part of it. And wishing you the best in finding that new home!!

  3. Debbie's block is great and the Lone star gorgeous

  4. I'm really loving Debbies block...and the lone star as well.

  5. Focusing on a new residence for you and your family! Great block and lone star.


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