Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bee Sewcial: October is my month!

When we were choosing months for Bee Sewcial, I selected October because it's my birthday month and I feel like having my wonderful bee mates making blocks for me during my birthday month is an extra bit of celebrating.

Like Hillary's assignment in September, October's also involves minimalism. We'll be making blocks that are minimalist, abstract winter landscapes. I scoured Pinterest for images of winter landcapes (my inspiration board) and the ones that appealed the most to me have trees in them, usually silhouetted against a white winter sky and snowy ground. I dig the ones with fences or mountains too.

My sample block, made with shades of grey, with black and white as well, is inspired by the idea of a row of moonlit trees along a road.

#beesewcial October sample
Minimalist, abstract trees on a road in the moonlight.

You don't need to choose a particular image and render it in a minimalist abstract way (I didn't) but feel free if you want. The inspiration board is simply that: inspiration.

I'm not too fussy about the greys - I've got a variety in this block, most of which are warmer greys like Kona Ash, but there's a touch of cool grey too so don't be afraid of, say, Kona Silver or Kona Medium Grey. There are a couple of shades of Art Gallery solids as well as a Bella Solid too, I believe. In other words, I'm not picky. I would like some grey in every block but it doesn't have to be the majority.

So to recap:

Palette: black, white, shades of grey
# of blocks: equivalent of two 12.5" unfinished. Can be two separate blocks or one big block (vertical or horizontal arrangement acceptable).
Theme: winter landscape.
Style: Abstract, minimalist
Being Sewcial: Everyone is welcome to sew along with us in October using the #inspiredbybeesewcial hashtag. Please leave the #beesewcial hashtag for Bee Sewcial folks only. And please tag me @felicityquilts so I can be sure to see what you're sewing.

Finally, watch the Flickr pool as well to see the photos pop up.

Happy stitching!!


  1. Oooh, lovely! Off to stalk you on Pinterest!

  2. Oh fun and now that you've said what the theme is, I can see those stark trees! Wonderful.


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