Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blocks: Bee Sewcial and VMQG Block Lotto

This month's Bee Sewcial assignment is from Hillary Entropy Always Wins. Minimalist blocks in black and white, our choice of design but she asked that the design be meaningful to us.

After seeing a few blocks start to pop up in the Flickr pool, I noticed that they were all white with black designs so I knew right away I wanted to do a black background with a white design. I chose a plus sign for its symbolism of "positive" - having the white plus sign on the black background is about looking for the light in the darkness and that kind of thing.

Bee Sewical Block 2 for Hillary 

Then with the second block, I stayed with the theme of positive, but maximized the engagement of the negative space to create the symbol.

Bee Sewcial Block 1 for Hillary

Next month it's my turn to set the theme - stay tuned!

I also had some fun making some VMQG block lotto blocks. Cute I Spy economy blocks:

I Spy Economy Block for VMQG block lotto

I Spy Economy block 2 for VMQG block lotto


  1. I like all these blocks. But especially the first two. That quilt is going to be very striking.

  2. Love all the blocks, look forward to see what each group looks like with the others that are created.

  3. Nice blocks for this month! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned! ;-)


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