Thursday, June 18, 2015

Selfie: My Black To White Challenge Quilt

I really wasn't intending to enter the Black to White Challenge for the Quilt! Knit! Stitch! Show.

Then Stacey (@hushrules on Instagram) did a wonderful presentation on Youpatch at the May VMQG meeting and I became intrigued. I came home and fiddled around with a few stock images, seeing if I could develop a pixelated quilt that appealed to me, but I wasn't successful.

A night or so later, I happened to take a selfie:
A possible quilt.

I assure you that the outcome - which I really like, not going to lie - was purely accidental. The angle of the afternoon sun coming onto my face and hitting my glasses frames is what created the shadow on my eyelid that looks like makeup. I happened to be looking down at just the right angle.

Anyway, an idea began to germinate. I applied a black and white filter in instagram and uploaded the filtered photo to Youpatch. A little playing with colours and I had my pattern. Less than a week later, thanks to a full day Quilt By The Bay retreat, the top was done and the quilt was basted and I had (EDITED) less than a two weeks until the Black to White challenge deadline.


I had this done even before they announced the deadline extension - conduct definitely not befitting the president of the Last Minute Club, but what can I say? I quilted like a woman possessed.

Selfie quilting closeup_

All of the quilting is free motion, and I used Aurifil 50 wt in black, grey and white. I tested some ideas on my trusty mylar overlay but ended up winging it when it came to actually quilting. 

Selfie quilting detail

The quilt is about 35" square and the smallest piece finishes at 3/4" square. I am thrilled to report that my piecing accuracy is spot on - all of the blocks fit together really nicely. Yay me!

Selfie up

Colours in the quilt are Robert Kaufman Kona solids in Black, Coal, Medium Grey and Snow.

Selfie quilting closeup

This one really shows the different thread colours:

Selfie back

I expect to hear soon whether it's been accepted to the challenge but nevertheless, I absolutely adore this finish. 

Selfie full


  1. You've hit this one out of the ball park.

  2. This is really amazing! Such a beautiful quilt great job!

  3. Very very cool! You did an amazing job on this and in record time!

  4. What an awesome pixelated quilt, and hurrah for accurate piecing - it looks great!

  5. It's amazing!!! So beautiful! Love the pic and LOVE the quilt!

  6. Perfection! I love the angle, the quilting, the fabric...Fantastic!

  7. Great finish! you met the challenge well!

  8. You are the bomb! It's awesome!


  9. You gotta win that challenge hands down!! What an awesome piece! I wish I worked that well under pressure!!

  10. It's beautiful, there's no way you won't be accepted for the challenge

  11. I love this beyond belief! The photo. The quilt. Your cool glasses. Amazing job!

  12. I simply adore this, Felicity. Fantastic!

  13. Amazing quilt Felicity! I love it! And I'm sure it will be accepted into the show!


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