Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bee Sewcial - catching up

I've been on time and up to date with my Bee Sewcial commitments, just not the blogging part!

May's blocks were for Marci who asked us to approach her blocks with "structured improv." That meant she wanted us to sketch something first, then use improvisational techniques to put it together.

Marci was building a village/town/landscape with her quilt and asked for blocks of houses or buildings, the landscape, grass, hills etc.

Here were my sketched blocks:
Bee Sewcial sketch for Marci's blocks

The top one is supposed to be rolling hills, pieced in Sherri Lynn Wood's improv wedge/curve style. The bottom is supposed to be an aerial view of a countryside or farms, with different fields and roads running through.

Here are the blocks that resulted;

Bee Sewical Block 1 for Marci
Bee Sewcial Block 2 for Marci

I'd call that a success and thankfully, Marci likes them too (or so she says - hope she's not just being nice!)

Now June's assignment was from Debbie, who asked us to go with a Mid-Century Modern theme in both design and colours. She even created a Pinterest inspiration board.

My blocks are kind of improv, very slightly wonky and they were a lot of fun to make:

Bee Sewcial Block 1 for Debbie

Bee Sewcial Block 2 for Debbie

The photography could be better but they're already all packed and set to go to Washington State.

And now you're up to date on my Bee activities!


  1. Can't wait to add your blocks to the others! THANK YOU!

  2. Your blocks are fantastic. I especially love those rolling hills!


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