Monday, May 4, 2015

Bee Sewcial: April

The Bee Sewcial queen bee for April was Diane (Random Thoughts Do or Di), who gave us two inspiration photos:

Bee Seecial April

Bee Seecial April

She asked for the equivalent of two 12½" unfinished blocks, and wanted them to contain round shapes (vs. just curves) with at least one block containing black.

Here are mine:

I made the bull's eye first, because I was really inspired by the second of the two inspiration images. All of the curves were cut free-hand with a rotary cutter. My technique is just the one described here, except my shapes are quite a bit rounder than hers.

Once the circle was done, I needed to make one more block. I intended to trim those oval blocks to 6½" x 12½" to meet the required size but then I decided to leave them alone to give Diane a bit more flexibility when she is putting her quilt together.

Participating in Bee Sewcial is proving to be a truly wonderful experience. My creativity is sparked every month and I'm feeling challenged in all the right kinds of ways. I'm absolutely loving it. And I'm not the only one: it appears that the MQG has taken notice of our Bee's approach and has identified our approach as an example of "improv with intent," which is the theme of the QuiltCon West Charity Quilt project for MQG members. I feel famous-adjacent!


  1. How excellent! Love everything emerging from this bee. Great blocks! I'm happy with my decision not to join in, my creative reservoir is still filling back up and watching from the sidelines is inspiring me without stressing me out. Perfect!

  2. Your blocks are beautiful! I agree that the bee is so inspiring.

  3. These blocks are stunning Felicity. And now I feel famous adjacent adjacent!


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