Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Hello, friends! I'm happy that I have a couple of photos of WIPs, and the time to share a post with you on a Wednesday!

I've been sewing, but just haven't had the chance to share much, mostly because I sew at night and nighttime photos are icky when you don't have much in the way of photography skills as you will be able to see in these non-nighttime photos.

Anyway, what's on my plate right now includes:

My St. Louis 16-patch for Quilts of Valour:

16 patch for Quilts of Valour in progress

Made a lot of progress on this one while at the VMQG overnight retreat in early May. All 20 blocks are stitched, and I now have to put the top together and etc.

My Wonderland DYO Sampler (haven't made much progress on this one - this is only my third block).

Wonderland DYO sampler block.

I'm having fun with this but because I love the fabric so much, I'm having a hard time deciding on which blocks to make because I want them each one to be A Very Special Block, and I want to use the fabric in the most efficient way possible. My collection includes an assortment of precuts like Layer Cake pieces and charm pack bits plus Honey Bun strips and Jelly Roll strips, FQs and some yardage. So I'm trying not to cut up yardage when I can use a Layer Cake piece but I also don't want to cut into a LC piece if at some point I'll be able to use it more efficiently in another block. It's ridiculous but that's how I roll.

I'm planning to put the stitches into the binding of another of my FAL projects tonight at Book Club (books: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell [dreamy sigh] and Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver [did not disappoint]) in between sips of wine and nibbles of cheese. We have our priorities straight in this group, I assure you. So I'll be photographing that and sharing it soon too.

I've got another finish to share - here's a sneak peek - stay tuned for the blog post in a little while.

square maze quilting closeup

Linking up for the first time in forever with Lee at Freshly Pieced (button over yonder on the right hand sidebar). Won't you join me over there?


  1. I know how you feel about cutting into pretty fabrics but if you don't it will remain unseen stash. Love the sissors

  2. I've been trying to convince myself that stash fabric is free, so I shouldn't worry so much about being efficient with my cutting, but I know what you mean! Love that plus block. Visiting from WIP Wednesday

  3. I'm so glad to hear that someone else does those crazy-making "best use" calculations when using favorite fabrics! Anyone who says it's JUST fabric doesn't understand!

  4. For a second I thought you grabbed my picture of the St. Louis 16 Patch, I have a UFO in the same colour ways, except my orange is much bolder and that's why it's a UFO right now. I probably need to do some unpicking.


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