Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finish-A-Long 4th Quarter Goals

Allllrighty then. Q4 FAL goals. Right. Here we go:

1. Yet another version of Easy Going Modern (pattern for sale - see link in sidebar), this time in purple shot cottons. I pieced this the morning of the last day of the 2012 Loon Lake Retreat, and I'll be getting it back from the quilter (!) at this year's so it's getting finished. Wahoooo! This is an in-progress shot, the only one I have of this quilt!

2. A fleece coat for G. Pattern has been traced, pieces have been cut out. All that's left is to transfer markings to the fabric pieces (my least favourite part and why this has stalled) and then assemble. 

3. Pencil skirt for me. Pieces cut out AND marked - just need to sew it together.

4. Let's try the Scrappy Churn Dash one more time. I've had a few lovely, lovely quilty friends make me some lovely, lovely blocks to add to this quilt. I'm so grateful, and I want to honour everyone's contributions to this quilt (it originated as a bee quilt) and get it made! Third time lucky? 

Scrappy Churn Dash mosaic

5. Another stretch target: The Stacked Strips quilt.

Stacked Strips in progress
I won these blocks in a VMQG block lottery in early 2012. The top is done! Come on, Felicity. Make it happen!

I'm going to limit my list to this because I've got a pantload of other projects due between now and mid-November that haven't been started and thus can't be added to my FAL list. These include our VMQG Michael Miller Cotton Couture challenge project, and a needle book for the VMQG swap with the London MQG, and my block for The {Big} City Girl QAL (click the link to check out the Flickr pool and the many amaaaaazing blocks).

Aaaand breathe.

(Read about the Finish A Long here and do join us - there are prizes!)
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  1. I love the stacked strips! It reminds me of princess and the pea beds. :)

  2. Good list and i look forward to seeing your pencil skirt!

  3. great list - hope you get some done :) and do remember to breathe !!

  4. You and I are both up to our necks in churn dash blocks! I love yours!!

  5. This is a great list, you will have some beautiful things by years end.

  6. Hi from another Felicity..., I love the chart of scrapy lengths... I've tried to keep the scraps, but the space is diminishing and the partners fuse is also... :-(
    So I have to be ruthless... and give them away...

  7. oh I loooove the scrappy churn dash!!

  8. These are great goals - I can't wait to see how they all turn out... Especially that churn dash!

  9. I can hardly wait to see the churn dash completed!

  10. I love your Stacked Strips quilt. Dare I say will be completely amazing when it is quilted and finished :-)


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