Friday, July 5, 2013

Q2 FAL Report

I'm pretty happy with my finishes this quarter! Let's recap my Q3 FAL goals, shall we?

1. Finish Dad's placemats. DONE! With bonus cloth napkins! Without photographic evidence, however. Don't ask. There is a story but I am not at liberty to discuss it at this time, unfortunately. I hope Leanne takes my word for it! (But I would totally understand if she had to disqualify this entry).

2. Easy Going Modern - the pattern. DONE! See my sidebar - it's for sale via Craftsy! This FAL was just the motivation I needed to put the finishing touches on the pattern (design [term used loosely] a cover and add in some diagrams). I've even sold two copies!

3. The New Wave Quilt. Not finished, but seriously in progress, so that is a big improvement! Carrying this one forward to Q3.

4. The "It's a Hoot" baby quilt. It's done, but not yet gifted. A full post on it, with all the details of its making, will come once it's with its new owner.

It's a Hoot Baby

So not bad, I guess. 3 out of 4 goals met, and one partially met. As planned, I've been sewing along in a not-very-timely fashion with the Zakka Along 2.0 Patchwork Please group and that's been fun.

There's also been a bit of sewing for Flood Relief in Southern Alberta. Cheryl Arkison is collecting slabs to be sewn into quilts - details here.

Stay tuned for my Q3 FAL goals!


  1. You did great on the FAL and I will surely take your word for it on the dad placemats. Maybe one day you will share the story.

  2. The it's a hoot baby quilt is AWESOME Felicity. The colours are amazing and I love the off-set yet straight rows. Very very nice finish.

  3. Way to go Felicity! You did a lot. Happy sewing

  4. Nice job on the FAL! The It's a Hoot baby quilt is beautiful, what a lucky baby!


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