Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013 Finish A Long: Q3 Goals

she can quilt

Half a year over already! That's so hard to believe! But here we are in July.

I've really been enjoying the motivation that the Finish-A-Long is providing me. That isn't to say I got everything accomplished on my WIP/UFO list, but it certainly has helped me get a move on some long-languishing projects. Which brings me to this quarter's goals. I've made what we call at work "a stretch target" of three WIP/UFO finishes.

1. New Wave. The great news is that the top is made. I'm thrilled at just that amount of progress but it really does need to be completed, so....yeah.

New Wave Top

2. Baby quilt commission. This one is small and simple, and the top is nearly complete.

romantic baby quilt in progress

3. Scrappy Churn Dash. This is the stretch. I've got a total of 15 blocks from my Stash Trad Bee and a bee/swap with Holly. I'd like this to be lap size so with those 12" finished blocks, I'm looking at at least 17 more to make. Gulp. But I just love it so much, I simply cannot stand that it is not being worked on!
Scrappy Churn Dash mosaic

In addition to the foregoing WIPs, I will be tackling some new projects (but they don't count because they're not begun):

Placemats for Steve and Leah. I bartered for some design work by our friend and talented graphic designer Steve. My scrap bin has advised me that I should employ the slab technique from Sunday Morning Quilts, and I've listened.

Back-to-school clothing for G. Skirts, leggings and a few dresses are planned. I may even sneak in some sewing for myself while I'm at it!

And there we have it. I'd better get sewing, eh?


  1. This is a good list. Do you want me to send you a churn dash block?

  2. My breath caught when I saw your churn dash blocks....fantastic!! We both have good taste...ha!

  3. Scrappy Charn Dash looks fantastic! Good luck with your list! x Teje

  4. The wave quilt is fantastic. I can't wait to see it completely finished.

  5. You've been a busy little bee, but 17 more blocks???? Yikes. I'd be happy to add to your quilt, if you want a block from allllll the way across the water ;-)

  6. I like the quilt in your banner, too. It looks like it would go together fast. And the backing is great.

    1. Thank you! It's the Layer Cake version of my pattern Easy Going Modern. :)

  7. Go, Felicity, go! It feels so good when old projects see the light of day again! Have you considered adding a few full-size churn dashes to play with your minis? Mix up the scale a bit and cut down on the piecing time? ;)

  8. great projects to get done - love your New Wave - its fabulous and those churn dash blocks are darling !

  9. Felicity,

    I'd love to make a few churn dash blocks for you. Do you have a particular theme or colour combo or fabric style that you're going for. I can't tell from the pictures.
    It looks like you're making 6 inch (finished) blocks and sewing them into groups of 4. I'll make you some 6 inch ones and you can add them to ones you make so they mix in with yours, if you like.


  10. Eek, your churn dash is so cool! Plus it's super fun to see my block in there. Just sayin'. This makes me want to make one too!

  11. P.S. I just corrected my previous comment. I nearly always type "church" dash instead of "churn" dash. Wondering why that is...


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