Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday, Late Edition

I feel like my retreat report was quite the WIP roundup, but I do have a couple of more things to show you.

I felt very lucky today - I had the day off work, the sun was shining, the breeze was cool and I spent most of the day in a most delightful way: stitching with friends Krista and Berene.

In between coffee, goodies and lunch, I made some good progress on my Stash Trad Bee block for September. Corey Little Miss Shabby asked for a string-pieced star in aquas, corals, yellows, taupes and greys.

String Star progress

This palette challenged me - or rather my stash - but I think I did okay. Tutorial here if you're interested. It's a great way to use up small strings (they're mostly cut at 1").

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I'm hosting the month of May in the Blogger's Block of the Month series over at Peach Patch Quilts (I almost typed Peach Pit - a 90210 freudian slip!), and so I've added that BOM to my projects and WIP list because I plan to sew along. Check out the first block called Fun in the Middle, posted by Carin of Margaret's Hope Chest here (scroll to Project Four).

WIP Roundup
Finished Projects - 1 (the tote, which never even made it to the project list!)
New Projects - 1 (Blogger BOM)
In Progress - 9

What did you get up to this week? Show 'n Tell at Freshly Pieced and The Needle and Thread Network!


  1. I can see so many stars popping around, I am really envious - how hard was it though?

  2. Your star block looks fabulous - love the colours!

  3. Beautiful star! I want to make one! Or, rather, I want to have my bee friends make them for me!

  4. Your star looks perfectly pieced! I'm impressed.

  5. What a beautiful perfectly pieced and those trimmed tips will make sewing the diamonds together so easy!

  6. I really like this block , a great way to use those scraps !

  7. That star is looking great, Felicity. Your scraps rock! :)

  8. That star is looking great, Felicity. Your scraps rock! :)

  9. super lovely sewing day!!!! Thanks for crossing the bridge. It's a deal breaker for so many...


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