Sunday, September 9, 2012

T is for Thank You

I was the recipient of an Act of Thoughtfulness this week from a coworker. She knows I quilt, and that my style is "mod" as she put it. When she was at an estate sale recently, she saw some fabrics that she thought I would love, and bought them to give to me!

Aren't they great? The frog print (from Blank Quilting) is a half-metre cut, and the others (Marcus Brothers textiles) are FQs.

So as a thank you, I whipped up this little (~8" square) mug rug for her desk at work. Her first initial is a T, and she is a fan of purple and grey. She loved it, I'm happy to say.

Mug Rug

Very simple stipple quilting in a gorgeous variegated purple thread (Aurifil 3840 in 50 wt):

Mug Rug quilting

I'm in the home stretch with this round of training at work. So far the sessions have gone extremely well. I've received some terrific feedback and I've been having a blast. Only two full-day sessions and one half-day session to go, then I'm off work for a week. I can finally get to responding to the lovely comments you've been leaving me these last few post!! Can't wait!


  1. What a gorgeous block - I love the fabric you have used and I'm sure your coworker will be delighted!

  2. Acts of kindness on both sides! This makes me want to do something nice for my coworkers.

  3. How lovely! I love it when friends think of you outside of the context in which they see you, and what a great way to reciprocate a fun gift!

  4. How sweet - both the receiving and the giving!

  5. How sweet of her--and how thoughtful of you!

  6. Well, even tho, I don't think anyone is about to make me a "S" mugrug, I just got some new thread and I think I will test them out on one for myself!


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