Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm Moving!

Gotcha! Not moving houses, but moving my blog.

I finally registered my own domain ( and Blogger appears to have a process for handling everything - followers, RSS feeds etc.

But I am a bit worried that because I am hosting my new URL somewhere other than the Blogger/Google - affiliated (owned?) GoDaddy, my new posts at my new URL won't get sent to my followers' readers/RSS feeds/etc.

Dressing Up label

So if a new post doesn't appear in your reader or your RSS feed or whatever means you have of getting my blog updates within the next couple of days, please refresh your feeds/subscriptions and look for me, okay? Thank you! I'll be posting about a finish and you won't want to miss it (sneak peek above).

Happy long weekend in the meantime!


  1. Felicity, please let me know how it goes and how you are handling the new site. I have had my domain name for awhile now but never braved the move!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! And good luck on 'the move' : )

    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  3. I too need to sort the blog better. I will find you, don't worry, I don't want to miss your news.

  4. good luck with the move - I hope nothing gets damaged in transit - will be by to visit soon!

  5. Yes, I don't want to lose touch with you. Happy moving and look forward to the reveal ; )

  6. I will keep my eye out...working my way from being two weeks behind on reading! My move went really well!


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